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New York City Inspires Designers at Jakarta Fashion Week

New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week are the most famous Fashion Weeks worldwide, attracting top designers, models, media and celebrities. But this dazzling universe doesn’t end here as there are many more Fashion Weeks taking place worldwide.

Let’s travel to Asia this week and focus on Jakarta Fashion Week, the most awaited fashion event in Indonesia, that took place on October 22-28. The fashion event showcased the collections of 175 local designers from various parts of Indonesia, as well as international designers from Australia, U.K, India, Japan, South Korea and Sweden.

A tribute to the amazing energy and cultural diversity of New York City was made by designer Luthfi Madjid, who launched his newest ready-to-wear brand Avenue A.

His debut collection, inspired by the diverse countries and backgrounds that cross paths on Avenue A, featured relaxed silhouettes with asymmetrical details, all made with breathable materials.

New York City also inspired Hannie Hananto in her spring/summer 2017 collection that featured chic and modern Islamic clothing made of A-line caftans, long coats and abayas, adorned with prints of silhouettes of New York City's skyline.

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