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Leaders in Menswear Shine at Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018/19

Men's Milan Fashion Week F/W 2018/19

Legend and icon Giorgio Armani made crowds swoon with mesmerizing installations that bombard us with shades of grey. A wider leg shorter silhouette trouser is paired with a symphony of different prints and textures. The result is fantastic. Lush and compelling outerwear that included cropped faux made place in the collection known to on lookers. The living legend’s talent for keeping the viewer at attention with the use of a muted color palette remains untouchable. We loved the muted blood red separates that provide just the right pop at just the time. The black velvet aligned with crisp, clean white was a perfect finish. It was all like the man himself, in a word – magnificent.

Neil Barrett gave the world a black, white, and grey color regime while remaining devoted to the strong lines for which the brand is well noted. Properly proportioned shirts, jackets, blazer, and suits exuded class and comfort. Overcoats with a slightly exaggerated shoulder and wider square cut silhouette were well received. We thought the ladies in suits were going to steal the spotlight at the menswear show until the plethora of remarkable sweaters, trousers, print overcoats, and other separates really shined. The detail on and construction of all the winter jackets remains top notch. Thank you, Mr. Barrett.

Franklin Eugene Tiger Strong roared down the runway and in to the hearts of fans everywhere. Mr. Eugene led the way with what seemed to us to be the somewhat British influenced Tartan plaid. While we liked the unique design of the trousers, what we thought was most daring was the street influenced gold hoody/Tartan blazer silhouette. The designer used a magnificent black and red pullover to transition from Tartan to basic black. The basic black portion of the range was classic Franklin Eugene – strong, clean, and elegant. The designer used a black and Houndstooth fabric pullover to transition from basic black to Houndstooth. The litany of Houndstooth offerings kept things straightforward by the designer’s strategic use of pairing. We really like the black, off-white and Houndstooth silhouette used to transition the range from Houndstooth to off-white. The final portions of the collection have some classic items (like Mr. Eugene’s famed off-white tuxedo jacket) and pushes the envelope (with things like the sleeveless turtleneck and the strategic use of faux tiger print). The apexes of the range, Mr. Eugene’s famed statement tuxedo dinner jacket were simply splendid. BRAVO, Mr. Eugene.

Dirk Bikkembergs brilliantly channeled the aesthetic from the years when the name sake designer was still active. Commencing with installations rooted in dark greys and blacks, there is a swift and seamless transition to the bold type of color palette that remain one of the brand’s hallmarks. Everyone loved the color block cardigan that was without question one of the most breathtaking fashion show pieces in the range. An abundance of trendsetting outerwear, including a sky blue full-length swing trench, along with perfectly polished separates and suiting left everyone content. The brand well noted for its “sport couture” continues its game winning streak.

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