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Another Country: Outsider Visions of America

Film at Lincoln Center Talk: Outsider Visions of America

Join Another Country co-organizers Thomas Beard and Shanay Jhaveri (editor of America: Films from Elsewhere) for a wide-ranging discussion of the series, the representation of America by foreign and immigrant auteurs, and more. Shown above Jhaveri (left) reads excerpts from the book 'America: Films From Elsewhere' to an engaged audience that thoroughly enjoyed the talk program Thursday August 8th 2019. The book features specially commissioned portfolios by artists, including Camille Henrot, Harun Farocki, Lucy Raven, the Otolith Group and Ute Aurand. Edited with introduction by Shanay Jhaveri. Text by Adam Nayman, Adrian Martin, Benjamin Mercer, Clare Davies, Corina Copp, Ed Halter, Elena Gorfinkel, Erika Balsom, Federico Windhausen, Hilton Als, James Quandt, Jim Hoberman, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Julian Ross, Leo Goldsmith & Rachael Rakes, Nicole Brenez, Nora M. Alter, Rachel Dwyer, Vic Brooks.

The cities, landscapes and people of America have been the subject of many a film, but when seen through an outsider’s perspective, new and often significant aspects of its culture are revealed. America: Films from Elsewhere examines film and America from the perspective of auteurs from around the world—from anyplace but America—covering the half-century from the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963 to the election of Donald Trump in 2017. Masters of the medium such as Chantal Akerman, Joyce Wieland, Michelangelo Antonioni, Lars von Trier, Jacques Demy, Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Chris Marker are discussed, alongside lesser-known greats such as Yolande du Luart and Babette Mangolte. For tickets and more information on the book and film series visit:

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