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Mezzosoprano Maria Ràtkova Mesmerizes Audience at The Pantheon

Mezzosoprano Maria Ràtkova is an international opera artist with in-depth experience in music theater and concerts. Her repertoire contains symphonic and oratorio music, baroque, as well as, sacred operatic pieces. Maria Ratkova made her opera debut in the role of Octavian in “Der Rosenkavlier” by R.Strauss in Politeama Greco of Lecce in 2007. She has debuted internationally in theaters around the world including in Italy, Ukraine, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Finland, United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, the Balkans, Singapore, the Emirates, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, South America and United States of America.

Maria Ratkova has also been involved in a cultural interchange program between The Holy See and The State Opera Theater of Kharkiv, CXID Opera.

For formal education, Maria Ràtkova trained as a pianist and choir conductor obtaining her diploma in Fortepiano and music composition from the State Musical College of Saint-Petersburg (Russian Federation) in 1991. Subsequently, she continued her studies at The Nanyang Academy of Arts of Republic of Singapore specializing in piano and music composition in 1995.

As a humanitarian, Maria Ràtkova has consistently given a portion of the proceeds from performances to the “Italian Red Cross”, "The Sovereign Military Order of Malta", ”Valentina Venanzi Association”, “Marianna Foundation”, and “Diplomatic Mission” of Tirana in Albania. She has also performed benefit concerts at the Vatican.

Cultured Focus Magazine sat down for an exclusive interview post her mesmerizing July performance at the Pantheon seen here. The singer gave exclusive details on what it is like during the Coronavirus period performing and navigating the industry as part of a new normal. She also discusses some of her most famous performances around the world, meeting the Pope and famous dignitaries. We hope you enjoy the exclusive interview as much as we did and follow her on her Facebook page.

See one of her live video performances here

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