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8 Mental Health Pioneers Create the Ultimate Guide to Mental Health

By: Tammy Reese| The Ultimate Guide to Unapologetic Mental Health| Image: Supplied

When you think of Taurea Vision Avant also known as the Queen of Book Profiting, you think of a selfless woman who has dedicated her life to helping Speakers, Coaches, and Network Marketers make $10,000+ per month with their book (or future book). The 2x TEDx speaker, author, and entrepreneur has played an instrumental role in the career elevation of thousands of people from around the world. Her latest venture has been the launch of a mind over mental health book titled "The Ultimate Guide To Unapologetic Mental Health".

In our current climate, we need to speak about, read about, learn about, and educate others about mental health more than ever. Avant has gathered women from around the country to share their insights in this visionary and powerful book collaboration project to make an impact on others while being a part of the journey to end the stigmas around mental health. |

One in five 5 adults will battle with some sort of mental health challenge in their lifetime. There used to be a time when many wouldn’t want to speak about mental health challenges, but now we are blessed to have more people willing to share their journey. Avant believes that in sharing your journey, not only do you help to battle your own challenges, but also help others.

Why did you put together this collaboration book on Mental Health?

Taurea Vision Avant

@visionavant This is actually my 4th collaboration book that we have done on mental health and the reason I continue to do these style of books is because this is such an important topic. It’s not a one time topic either. We must continue to talk about this topic over and over and over and make it something that more and more of us are comfortable sharing. I believe that sharing it opens up conversation and also allows people to know that they are not alone. I have battled with depression and suicidal thoughts. In fact, I remember when my depression was at its worst and for me to leave the bed was only when I was speaking at a meeting. I would put on this mask and literally function outside of the house like nothing was going on. When I finally shared with the world what I had been dealing with, thousands reached out to me. From that moment forward, I knew that I would continue to bring light to this horrible challenge that we are affected with.

Thank you to the authors of this amazing book and journal. If you are reading this and would like to get a copy of this book please go to

What do you want readers to take away from Mind Over Mental Health Book and the specific chapter that you wrote? Kimberly Simons

The most important takeaway I want readers to get from reading the Mind Over Mental Health Book is that the effects of mental health are far-reaching. There is nothing typical about the type of person who struggles with mental health and we need to remove the stigma surrounding the subject. As suicide continues to plague our youth at an ever-increasing rate, it is critically important that we finally bring discussions about mental healthcare, and seeking care, to the forefront.

Tiawanna Thompson

Depression is not just sadness. It can be quite complex and hard for loved ones of those who suffer from it to understand — especially if they have never experienced depression. Even our children are suffering from mental health challenges such as ADHD, anxiety, and depression. One in 6 U.S. children aged 2–8 years old (17.4%) had a diagnosed mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder. Approximately 3 million children aged 3–17 years old have a diagnosis for depression. If these mental health challenges go unchecked, these children become adults with mental health challenges. There is hope and help for both the person who is battling a mental health challenge like depression and those who love them. My hope is that this chapter will shed some light on signs to look for in a child or adult who might be battling depression and offer some help for loved ones who just want to know how to be supportive and proactive.

Ericka Majors

What I want readers to take away from the specific chapter I wrote is mental health is a must. Just like brushing your teeth or taking a shower, mental health has to be part of your daily routine. Personally, I do Beautiful Self Talk or some people like to call it affirmations. Whatever works for you do it unapologetically.

Adrienne Crawford

I would like readers to take from my book, that God is able. He will see you through every situation you may encounter, even though you may feel like giving it up. Just know God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. Trust me I know. I’m a living testimony.

Karen Larkin

The importance of your mental and as an Interior Designer, your space plays an important role in your mental health. Position yourself to experience the best mental health ever starting with your space!

In conclusion, this is a collaboration book of survivors of mental health and what they have done to battle their challenges. Cultured Focus Magazine invites you to connect with them.

Also please be sure to register for Taurea Vision Avant’s FREE masterclass by going to


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