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Aïchi Hanan’s Baby Turbans Take Center Stage

Nour Baby Shop
Aïchi Hanan’s Noûr Baby Shop Turbans

Noûr Baby Shop’s Baby Turbans are a Favorite ‘Must-Have’ Accessory

Interview with Noûr Baby Shop Owner Aïchi Hanan

1. Tell our readers more about yourselfand your background.

I am Aïchi Hanan, a 31 years old, French-Algerian that studied psychology at the university. Because my mother was a seamstress for 40 years, I grew up in the world of sewing. Because of my mother, I developeda passion for sewing and decided to create my own business. I have always wanted to create a project that I could develop and that would allow me flourish. I started on Instagram (@nourbabyshou) by posting pictures of my creations, then Facebook and created a site that allows you to order directly. I have now realized my passion.

2. When did your company start and what was your inspiration for starting the brand?

My brand was created in 2019, when I became a mother to a little girl. It was my daughter Noûr who inspired me and she still inspires me, so it was a no-brainer to name my business Noûr Baby Shop. As a mom, I was looking for a light and pretty accessory for my daughter to wear. I liked the adult turban style, so I started sewing baby turbans and loved it. I introduced them to other moms around me and on my social media, who love them and are now using them for their girls.

Orders are supplied in different styles including Donut Turbans, with bows, patternsor plain. There is something for everyone.

3. Where do you look for inspiration when designing your collection?

I created my collection according to the seasons and the trends of the moment. I like to mix cultures, materials and colors in order to satisfy a wide variety of consumers and answer to their needs. I designed and sewed an after-bath turban that I named "Turbain", first for my own needs, then I offered it to other moms who tested it.

It is a unique design for children and adults.

4. As a female business owner, are their particular obstacles that other women following your path should know about?

There are always obstacles, but you must not give up. No matter what the rejections, the failures, you have to fight to succeed. Lack of support or recognition can be an obstacle but hard work always pays off. Despite the competition, you must differentiate yourself. There are no small creators, but great creations.

5. How do you balance motherhood and running a successful business?

I was very apprehensive when I became a mother, but I was able to reconcile the two. I organize myself and manage my time according to the orders. I want to show that becoming a mother is not a constraint to creating a business.A key to success is communication, which is important. I share on social networks to inform my customers, so they are fully aware of the products provided.

I am a mother so I can test my creations on my daughter, which allows me to exchange and discover my products to future consumers. I remain motivated whatever the difficulties that I may encounter in this field. I also want to show that I am a motivated woman and not only a mother.

6. What has been your proudestmoment for your brand or key success thus far?

I had the chance to participate in fashion shows sponsored by LVMH, where I could show my creations in front of a professional fashion jury. See filled me with a huge sense of pride.

Thanks to partnership with professional swimmer Melih Amel, my Turban was worn during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.Additionally, I amalso proud to make little girls sufferingfrom cancer happy by making them unique and personalized turbans.

7. What does the future hold for your brand? Any upcoming projects or surprises?

I have a lot of ideas that I want to bring to fruition. Every opportunity that arises allows me to develop my business. Several partnerships and surprises are also in preparation.

My Turban creation, "The Turbain", was developed and is successful. I look forward to it being known in other countries.

8. The marketplace is highly competition, what do you think the industry will look like long term?

I think competition can be positive for businesses.

You have to take advantage of it and differentiate yourself. Business owners must offer better, affordable and innovative products for consumers. It is important to strategize and develop a long-term plan to gain a competitive advantage and satisfy customers.

9. Where can consumers buy your branditems now?

My products are on my website and directlyon social media.

Potential customers may prefer to communicate with me directly on Instagram (@nourbabyshou) and Facebook. I also do private sales at home, which enables me to share new products with other mothers.

10. Do you have any plans to expand your brand into other regions or countries?

For the moment, my shipments are located in France and Belgium but I aim to develop my business internationally. I wish to have good collaborations and business partnerships, and ultimately increase my brand awareness in other countries.

Thanks to social networks my brand is starting to become known in other countries.


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