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Convo to Currency Enriches Business Owners of Atlanta at The Vault Gallery

By Kimberly Porter| Jenni Graham Discusses Financial Literacy |Dope Shots Photography

Jenni Graham Presented the 2023 Kick-Off of Convo to Currency Financial Literacy Event

The purpose behind this event was to enlighten and inform more business owners to wealth-build and operate their businesses in a fashion that produces much more than stability. The event was held as part of the Atlanta Business Network program at The Vault Gallery.


The experience featured experts in the area of credit, funding, insurance, taxes, accounting, loans, grants, wealth strategies and more!! - Guests we able to have direct conversations to acquire answers to their questions and learn more about things that were more specific to their personal journeys. Many note pages were filled with tips, suggestions and resources they could use to elevate their financial status and growth curves.

Jenni Graham has always served clients in the areas of Branding, Content, Funding and Marketing; as she stands behind those pillars to be the foundation pieces of a healthy business.

 2023 Kick-Off to Convo to Currency Financial Literacy Event
2023 Kick-Off to Convo to Currency Financial Literacy Event

It is her pleasure to use her experience and knowledge gained, to pour back into her clients and community, with hopes to elevate the culture on a mass level. As a statement to her mission she provides consistent gifts and freebies, everywhere she goes, in order to give people access to get to know more about what she does without having to make an initial investment.


Guests at Convo to Currency enjoyed an entire Gifting Suite of free giveaways, including but not limited to satin scarves, jewelry, fashion pins, business planners, self-care items, bath bombs, change purses, affirmation cards, T-Shirts, business magazines and more!

It is her hope that people will feel the urge take action on the steps that will allow them to have an overflow, of which they can comfortably pour into others, which starts with their commitment to their purpose, foundation of their business, and their overall financial health. For more information, visit:

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