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Deandra Coleman on Elevating Black Women’s Voices in the Corporate Sector

Reported by: Kimberly Porter| CEO Deandra Coleman| Image: Beyond The C- Suite

Companies have tirelessly demonstrated that no matter how many lunches we work through, family obligations we miss, or nights we stay late to finish a project, we are replaceable. Black women have had to endure the emotional, mental and financial abuse of the workforce for far too long. We are undervalued and underpaid while having to be the total package inside and outside of the workplace in order to get a morsel of the sponsorship, advancement and recognition that that others receive.

Black women need to unapologetically raise hell via their voices and disrupt the systems of abuse that have been plaguing us since we were brought to this country. It is time to bring disruption to the workplace. Disruption is a term that's thrown around a lot these days, but Black women have been disruptors since the beginning of time. Innovating, taking risks, showing up unapologetically as our authentic selves, and always looking for new ways to make things happen is key. And is it any surprise this comes so naturally to us when it was once our only way of survival?

In a business setting, being a disruptor means being able to challenge the status quo, to think outside the box, and to propose new and improved processes. It's about being unafraid to strut across ground where no one has walked before.

If it sounds uncomfortable, well, that's because it can be, but the good news is it gets easier with practice. Invest in a personal brand that is rooted in your values and a strong message to put the power back in your hands by allowing you to create a name and reputation for yourself that is not contingent on your current job title or employer.

More than that, a strong personal brand empowers you to be more intentional about your career growth. New opportunities come more easily because you're top of mind for the right people. You attract clients, mentors, and sponsors who value what you know and who you are while being more likely to get paid your worth. When you're clear about your value, what you bring to the table, and where you want to go, it's easier to negotiate from a place of strength and make decisions that align with your goals.

The two ways that Black women executives often feel “muted” and how The Seen & Heard Experience combats this

"Access ain't inclusion." - Anthony Jack

We've pulled up a seat to the proverbial table. Increasingly more of us in Corporate America even have a front row seat. But inclusion? That is a different story.

Access to the table doesn't mean we're invited into the conversation or, perhaps worse, respected.

It doesn't matter how many "firsts" we achieve. We can be the first black woman CEO of a Fortune 500 company or one of the few black women to win an Oscar, Grammy, Emmy or Tony. Because, even though we've worked to scale the ladder, we often end up being the only black woman in the room.

And, if I can be honest, it's a lonely place to be.

It can feel like for every glass ceiling we shatter, they install two more with bulletproof glass just beyond that one. We are muted. We are muted first by not being invited into certain high-level, decision making rooms and second by the bar being raised slightly higher every time we exceed it.

As a Black woman, when you take action and leverage your inherent brilliance, you open yourself up to opportunities that can have a major impact on every area of your life.

The Seen & Heard Experience accesses your brilliance and leverages it into an unstoppable, monetizable weapon against your silencing.

You deserve all of the recognition and accolades, and to be given your flowers now. You deserve to be seen and heard for all of your ideas, insights, and accomplishments!

You can begin to shift the paradigm by taking control of your narrative and investing in your personal brand elevation. I'm talking about being strategic with your time, energy, and money. Putting yourself first. And most importantly, creating your own opportunities.

That's what The Seen & Heard Experience is all about - It is time to UNMUTE YOURSELF.

What participants Can Expect from The Seen & Heard Experience and How They Can Get Involved?

The Seen & Heard Experience is a lux, exclusive, year-long program curated for high-powered Black women executives who want to leverage their knowledge, experience and expertise to prosper and thrive beyond the c-suite.

Inside The Seen & Heard Experience, you will:

● Ditch procrastination and finally become the published author you've been dreaming of.

● Unveil your core message to craft and fine-tune your signature speech.

● Master marketing techniques for maximum book sales.

● Learn how to pitch your professional speaking brand.

● Connect and celebrate with fellow Black executive sisters.

The Seen & Heard Experience is not only about taking your career and personal brand to the next level but also about enjoying the process.

That's why we've thoughtfully included two luxury retreats!

What better way to launch your soft elevation than by being pampered and surrounded by like-minded women who are ready to take on the world?

You'll enjoy:

A private suite in an all-inclusive 5-star resort

A beachfront welcome reception

Engaging classes on personal branding, book writing, stage presence, marketing, and public relations

Invaluable networking events

A mini-photoshoot

Outlining your book, poolside

A farewell brunch (who doesn't love a good brunch?!)

And so much more!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to network, learn, and relax all wrapped in decadent luxury all happening in one of the most beautiful places on earth

If you're ready to use your voice and platform to create a true and lasting impact for yourself, your children, and the world, then it's time to be seen and heard.

You can learn more at


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