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Dubai Welcomes Elite Investors at the Launch of MENA 360° Private Club

 MENA 360° Private Club
MENA 360° Private Club at Habtoor Palace| Image credit: Habtoor Palace

Celebrities and VIP guests Attend the Launch of Launch of MENA 360° Private Club

The Grand Opening of MENA 360° Private Club at Habtoor Palace was an extravagant gala and exclusive glimpse into the world of luxury and success. On the 15th of November 2023, the select 200 guests, including celebrities from film, sports, and entertainment, had a unique opportunity to become part of this exclusive private club in Dubai and benefit from numerous exclusive events.

Event Highlights| MENA 360° Private Club

  • The Grand opening of the MENA 360° Private Club took place at the Habtoor Palace on the 15th of November 2023.

  • The event was hosted by the renowned presenter Lilly Becker.

  • Celebrated artist Romulo Kuranyi surprised the guests and showcased insights into the World of contemporary art.

  • Award-winning designer Ebru Berkiden showcased her latest collection with prominent models like German actress Luna Schweiger and Persian superstar Ahllam who also performed during the fashion show.

MENA 360° is the result of a successful merger of multiple businesses and partners, including Liza Amani, Garen Mehrabian, Maximilian Reidl, and Ramin Seyed. This partnership creates a unique business hub in the region, showcasing groundbreaking projects and innovative ideas with the potential to revolutionize the industry.

Garen Mehrabian, COO of MENA 360, assured, "This event is unprecedented in the Emirate. We're hosting delegations of prominent investors, converging for the exclusive purpose of investing in Dubai. It highlights Dubai's premier status in the global market as the prime choice for discerning investors. We're honored to orchestrate this event and to elevate UAE's profile globally."

Enhancing the event's appeal, every attendee was gifted a bespoke gift bag crafted by Moreno Pisano, the star Italian furniture and accessory designer, and scion, filled with select offerings from our partners.

The Grand Opening of MENA 360° Private Club was an unforgettable experience for those looking to be part of this exclusive community. Guests immersed themselves in the world of luxury and success and discovered the exclusive benefits of a membership in the Private Club.

Launch of MENA 360° Private Club at Habtoor Palace
Image credit: Habtoor Palace

About MENA 360°

MENA 360°, headquartered in Dubai, is a vibrant entity known for its focus on international investments, eco-conscious solutions, event intellectual properties, as well as comprehensive marketing, public relations, and business strategies. It was established by a quartet of industry heavyweights, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and proficiency to the enterprise. Catering to a broad spectrum of clients, MENA 360° provides its services to a diverse clientele that includes a variety of business sectors and government agencies within the UAE and extends to the larger Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The company's mantra, "Creating Connections That Inspire Growth," encapsulates its dedication to establishing robust partnerships and advancing growth prospects. Serving as a conduit for commerce and communication, MENA 360° is instrumental in linking Western entities with counterparts in the UAE and across the entire MENA district, thus promoting symbiotic business relationships and encouraging corporate proliferation.


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