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Homolog Paris Stuns with Colorful Elegance at New York Fashion Week

Reported by: Berta Daniels | HomologH Paris Stuns | Image Credit: GETTY

New York, NY (September 13th, 2022) - Homolog Paris made a stunning debut at New York Fashion Week with their Spring / Summer 2023 collection, HAPPINESS, inspired and created to cherish our fragile environment.

Image Credit: GETTY

The Malaysian founder, Emily Cheong, used all environmentally friendly fabrics like natural plant-dyed eucalyptus silk, pure cotton, and Loquat leaf rose plant dyed 100% mulberry silk to support her vision of creating a collection that is beautifully crafted using textiles with the planet in mind. Designs in the blue of the sea, yellow of the sun, pink of the coral, and white of the clouds floated effortlessly down the runway. The eye-catching colors and fabrics couldn’t help but put a smile on guests’ faces. Floral embroideries and butterfly prints brought light to the natural beauty of our living surroundings. Elegant silhouettes from sinched hourglass waistlines to caftans and gowns elevated the bright and pastel hues of the collection.

“Only those who cherish the world can live a rich life,says Cheong.

In addition to protecting the environment, it’s clear that Homolog respects tradition and community. Gathering handmade artwork and specialties from ancestors, like traditional song and dance, create a joyfulness that Cheong hopes to share through her collection. The Parisian atelier transcends the motivation to wear beautiful clothes and remember their story to its clientele.

Image Credit: GETTY/Anna Webber


Homolog has multidisciplinary approaches and is well-known for its diverse, inclusive designs. Homolog is obsessive about details, with an emphasis on tailoring, carefully selected materials, and customized fabrics that differentiate from other fashion houses. Homolog includes ready-to-wear line, couture line, and sub-brand HMLG. With high-quality products, Homolog builds a strict brand loyalty and fosters a trusting relationship with its clients.

Learn more about the brand at @homologofficial and

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