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I’m New Here – Documentary Filmmaker, Dan Sickles Invites Audiences into the World of Cryptoart

'I'm New Here' Documentary
Reporter: Grant Holmes| 'I'm New Here' Documentary | Image: D Sickles

Documentary Filmmaker Dan Sickles Has Candid Discussion on the World of Cryptoart

Cultured Focus Magazine recently sat down with Dan Sickles, American documentary film director, writer, actor, and producer, to chat about Cryptoart. Sickles is best known for his documentary films, Mala Mala and Dina, and his observational approach to telling real stories of real people.

Reflections on Documentary Work

Sickles discussed his pivot into filmmaking after his time acting in theater in New York, sharing how a serendipitous conversation on a couch with a transsexual individual in the midst of transitioning went on to become his first documentary film, Mala Mala. Sickles then went on to be recognized at the Sundance Film Festival, receiving the Grand Jury Prize for his work on the film, Dina. The documentary, set in suburban Philadelphia, closely follows the unfolding love story between two individuals on the autism spectrum.

Reflecting on his documentarian work, Sickles explained that his projects often spring from ‘a place of pure curiosity’ and his built-in desire to learn and explore that which he doesn’t yet understand. You could say it is the unknown that piques his interest. This is also true for his most recent project – I’m New Here – exploring the emerging Cryptoart movement.

'I'm New Here' Poster

About 'I'm New Here' Documentary Film

The documentary is set to be a feature-length film and will be produced by Academy Award nominee, Shane Boris. During our discussion, Dan referred to the ‘inherent absurdity of paying for a JPEG’ for those not versed in the details of the crypto and NFT space. A relatable sentiment for many of us. The film, at its core, unpacks ideas around technology, art and ownership and aims to demystify Web3 and introduce new audiences to the NFT artist community. The project also has a vested interest in supporting pioneers in the Cryptoart space, with 15% of NFT revenue going directly to featured artists.

“The NFT community is composed of so many talented people exploring new ways to make and experience art, and I’m thrilled to share their voices in film. These are brilliant and complex artists of a whole new generation, making unprecedented work in a new space," said Dan Sickles, director of I’M NEW HERE. “With our NEW HERE NFT drop, we've created a novel system to reward artists for their participation in our film in perpetuity, while offering our community of collectors a ton of awesome benefits."

Cryptoart | 'I'm New Here' Documentary

Innovation in Cryptoart

The innovative film will invite viewers into the virtual world of Cryptoart, with much of the film to be animated inside the Metaverse. Sickles noted the importance of the documentary as a means to educate those not in the know on this ‘extraordinarily powerful technology’ with the power to create a ‘seamless and frictionless crossover between the digital and physical world’. The documentary will chart the journey from early blockchain technology and Bitcoin to the NFT mania that exploded in 2021.

Grant Holmes Discusses Cryto Documentary with Director Dan Sickles

During our interview, Sickles also generously shared his support of budding filmmakers, encouraging them not to wait. With the ease of access to ‘consumer-friendly tech’, Sickles highlights that there are few barriers stopping creatives from capturing, editing, and producing content to put out into the world – it certainly is a promising time for storytellers.

To learn more about the 'I'm New Here' film project and how to support it, you can head to Those already invested in the NFT space can mint an NFT through the site to support the film and its featured artists. For those that are ‘new here’ and eager to learn more, Sickles captures the limitless possibilities of generative art to offer newcomers a window into the movement. The film is sure to be worth the wait.

Movie Trailer: I'm New Here

Director Dan Sickles
Director Dan Sickles

About Dan Sickles

Dan Sickles is an American filmmaker, writer, and actor based in New York, New York and Paris, France. His first film, MALA MALA, produced by Christine Vachon and Killer Films, received an Audience Award at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival and was released by Strand Releasing in 2015. MALA MALA is the first non-fiction film made in Puerto Rico to receive a theatrical release in North America, and was nominated for a GLAAD Award in 2015. The same year, Dan was honored as one of Out Magazines Out100, and his production company, El Peligro, was honored by the Amnesty International and the Social Media Impact Awards for its approach to socially-conscious storytelling.

In 2017, his second film, DINA, produced by Dan Cogan, Impact Partners, and Killer Films, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, where it received the Grand Jury Prize. Later that year, DINA would win Best Feature Film at the International Documentary Association Awards, and Dan would receive the PEEK Award and the ARC Alliance Community Service Award for his work with neurodiverse communities.

To stay up to date, follow Dan Sickles on social media at: Instagram


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