top of page's Digital Revolution Shapes Truth and Trust at the Sundance Film Festival 2024 and Caspian Agency Collab at Sundance 2024|

By: LaKisa Renee | and Caspian Agency Collab at Sundance 2024| Image: Caspian, in collaboration with the Caspian Agency's IMPACT LOUNGE, an official Partner of the Sundance Film Festival 2024, convened a confluence of technological innovation, media heroism, and intellectual leadership for thousands of attendees from all over the world. Featuring prominent personalities and thought leaders to encourage positive change and conversation through socially-conscious media and groundbreaking programming, the purpose behind this gathering was to dissect and analyze the profound impact that media and reputation management wield in the contemporary world with positioned at the epicenter of this tech-driven showcase.


One of the most memorable moments of the day featured James Mawhinney, the visionary Founder & CEO of, leading a panel discussion titled "The Potency of Reputation." This panel included notable figures such as Jon Gosselin, known for his transition from television stardom to celebrity DJ; Phaedra Parks, a prominent figure from reality TV shows like RHOA, Traitors, Married to Medicine, and also an Attorney & Managing Partner of The Parks Group; Adriane Schwartz, a respected Hollywood celebrity and entertainment journalist; and Justin Peck, a champion off-road racer, Founder of the National Mental Health Alliance, and Author of "Bulletproof." Together, they delved deep into the complexities of media misinformation surrounding their personal stories while shedding light on's mission to empower its members to regain control over and vigilantly monitor their digital reputations.


Mawhinney's enduring legacy is dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to take charge of their online narratives, a mission championed by Inspired by his own experiences of personal and professional turmoil due to online rumors and misinformation, Mawhinney founded this platform to help users regain control over their reputations in an era dominated by misinformation. His visionary leadership earned him recognition on Forbes' 'Top 50 Entrepreneurs to Watch' list and earned him the title of 'Digital Maverick' in their feature article, applauding his audacious $20 million investment in the creation of as a turning point in the battle against online misinformation and reputation damage. As a sought-after speaker at prestigious tech and entrepreneurship conferences worldwide, including TechCrunch Disrupt, Web Summit, and TEDx, Mawhinney's inclusion in these esteemed rosters underscores his pioneering spirit and unwavering commitment to reshaping the way we perceive and manage our online identities.


“Modern social media algorithms frequently favor sensational headlines at the expense of trustworthy content, while regulatory oversight remains limited. As the realm of AI gains more ground, the peril posed by counterfeit profiles and AI-driven misinformation dissemination has reached unprecedented heights. equips you to seize authority over your digital identity,” Mawhinney emphasized.


As daylight transitioned into the evening, continued to dazzle with a "Burgers & Beats Party" at the Impact Lounge, featuring Celebrity DJ Jon Gosselin spinning iconic Sundance soundtrack hits. Attendees reveled in a soirée resembling a gourmet burger bar, accompanied by an array of libations.


Mawhinney toasted, “Thank you for supporting here at Sundance. We’re taking this platform to new heights, beyond the sky, as we transform this industry with truth. In mid-February, we will showcase our first ambassador, Chantelle Baier, at the Kennedy Space Center. She’s the Founder of 4SPACE, best known for her work in public-private partnerships in space exploration. and Ms. Baier will celebrate this partnership at the upcoming SpaceX Launch to the Moon. Cheers to you and the future of your reputation with us.”


The Caspian Agency, purpose-driven architects of transformative convening with a history dating back to 2005, played a vital role in orchestrating this momentous gathering. Their expertise in event strategy and execution, exemplified by the "10 Essentials" methodology, has left a lasting mark, with a distinguished clientele including the Skoll Foundation, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Omidyar Network, End Well, and Code for America. This Sundance joint effort with was in perfect tune, turning its vision into a powerful attendee experience that resonated and drove change.'s presence at the Caspian Agency's IMPACT LOUNGE during the Sundance Film Festival 2024 left an indelible mark on festival goers. Shaping truth and trust, and the IMPACT LOUNGE catalyzed profound dialogues, facilitated unfiltered expression, nurtured valuable networking connections, and stood as a vibrant celebration of's capacity to usher meaningful transformation to damaging press and media misfire. 



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