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NYFW 2023: Indonesian Fashion Returns to The Runway with All Modest Wear Collections

Indonesia Now Fashion Week 2023 Collections
By: Lisa Reynolds | Indonesia Now Fashion Week 2023 | Image: Imaxtree

Indonesia Now Fashion Week 2023 Collections: Kami. for HGLModest, AM by Anggiasari, Nada Puspita, Buttonscarves, Zeta Privé, Lenny Hartono, Basundar x Batik Tusmi

Seven groundbreaking modest designers took to the runway at Spring Studios as part of Indonesia Now FW23 to show New York why Indonesia is on the forefront of innovation, trend, and textile in their biggest show yet. Kami for HGLModest, AM by Anggiasari, Nada Puspita, Buttonscarves, Zeta Privé, Lenny Hartono, and Basundar x Batik Tusmi each poured their heart, souls, and heritage into the collections that walked the runway. Modestwear is having a moment in fashion right now and these designers are ready to take the spotlight with their groundbreaking collections. The show was sponsored by and with the support of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia.

AOFMPro makeup lead Monique Rinard and Unite Hair’s Gary Baker complimented the designs with their simple and fresh take on Fall/Winter beauty using Indonesia’s own, Buttonscarves Beauty.

Indonesian Fashion Returns

KAMI by designers Istafiana Candirini, Afina Candarini, and Nadya Karinamarks marks its presence at New York Fashion Week with distinctive forms of cuts, prints, and embellishment designs that meet the needs of urban modest-modern women. The brand is an Indonesian urban modestwear label, known for its original patterns and one-of-a-kind designs. The brand launched their latest collection “Charaka Collection” inspired by local treasure, Kain Tapis from Lampung. Clean and uncluttered lines shaped the silhouettes with a modern approach. The collection features pieces in Corduroy, fleece, suede, printed quilting, tweed and denim. The key colors of A/W 23/24 are Sage leaf, beige, shades of cobalt blue, and digital lavender, astro dust and apricot crush as color decoration of the prints.

AM by Anggiasari

AM by Anggiasari Mawardi is a sustainable modest fashion brand that utilizes denim garments that have been rejected due to defects and overstock from local factories as well as environmentally friendly textiles. This season AM by Anggiasari collaborated with Boolao, a brand that has sustainability woven into their DNA. Boolao has a concept “Shibori on Ecoprint textiles” which is a combination of techniques featuring natural dyes of bundles ecoprint and tie dye with authentic design on various silk materials.The brand released a mix of A/W 23/24 and some see now buy now pieces on the runway. Komorebi is the theme of AM’s new collection, a Japanese word meaning sunlight that enters through the gaps in the leaves. The Collection featured modern tie dyes, Shibori and Ecoprint. “Shibori on Ecoprint textiles” is a combination of techniques between natural dyes of bundles ecoprint and tie dye with authentic design on various silk materials. Shibori is a manual tie dyeing technique, known in Indonesia as Jumputan or Sasirangan. Eco Printing is a technique where plants (leaf and flower) leave their shapes, color, and marks on fabric. Plant material bundled inside of cloth is steamed or boiled to release the natural dye inside the plant, creating a contact print in the shape of the leaf or flower used. These textiles are also inspired by Indonesian wastra, following traditional patterns in Indonesia. Utilizing a variety of leaves and flowers, as well as by empowering women in the Sayang Village, West Java. Seen in the show were pieces in silk, handwoven locally-grown cotton, organza, linen, and lace in beautiful moca, terracotta, black, blues and cream.

Nada Puspita

Nada Puspita is a modest fashion brand from Indonesia by designer Indah Nada, that aims to empower every woman to be more confident in herself with modest-feminine, and comfortable ready-to-wear. “A Breath of Modesty” - Nada Puspita’s collection for the 2023 New York Fashion Week embodies the value of the brand itself as a modest fashion house. The collection featured organza, chiffon, sateen, and tulle in warm pastels, midnight blue, soft pink, apricot, and green. “Our mission is to empower every woman to love and be confident in herself by wearing something that can give a sense of comfor,.” quipped Indah Nada Puspita, Nada Puspita Designer.


Buttonscarves by Linda Anggrea is a luxury lifestyle brand from Indonesia that aims to bring new trends in modest fashion to your doorstep with a focus on fashion accessories from printed scarves to bag collections. In 2021 the brand successfully entered into the beauty space with the release of Buttonscarves perfume. Since 2018, Buttonscarves spread its wings by building offline stores in various shopping malls nationwide with more than 30 stores in Indonesia and 4 stores in Malaysia. The brand showed their “The Dream Capsules'' collection which included stunning monogram prints with a modern edge. Inspiration for the collection is taken from today’s modern style with a touch of modesty - from blazer coats, shirt dresses, denim shirts, classic shirts, and modern romantic blouses are presented in timeless colors such as black and warm neutral while also bringing pops of colors such as reds, midnight blue, and pink clay with an international sense of style to create a modern match.

Zeta Privé

Zeta Privé by Trisha Chas is a luxury fashion brand featuring a contemporary mix of classic style with streetwear style that is distinctively American. The brand showed “The Talking Point” collection inspired by the buzzy city of New York, the world's center of business, art and fashion. The designer used tulle embellished with beads, satins, jacquards, and tulle sequins in gradient colors. Zeta Privé collection was presented in a soft but versatile color palette that includes pale cream, ghost pink, harbor blue, basile, innuendo, sound sugar and black. Zeta Privé's mission and goal is to combine the best Indonesian artisans' abilities with fashion design to create a Pret-à-Couture collection. The silhouettes shown are very modern, such as a vest and wide tulle skirt combination or a blouse and pants with a simple cut but enriched by various edgy embellishment details. These silhouettes appear to represent a new fashion culture movement in fusing tradition with a distinct streetwear style.

Lenny Hartono

Lenny Hartono premiered her collection “Songs of Archipelaho - Part II” - Floral, Cultural woven motives, Beach/Ocean, into modern lifestyle.The brand encapsules her love of gemstones, colorful creations, and Indonesian heritage. Debuting with flowers as the brand’s signature look, it has since then incorporated different shapes and colors derived from nature’s astounding map of flowers. The collection included songket (Indonesia Hand Woven Fabric) in earth and gold tones.

Basundar x Batik Tusmi

BASUNDARI is a powerful collaboration between Ayu Dyah Andari who's been a fashion designer since 2011, and Sally Giovanny she and her husband launching BT Batik Trusmi since 2006, Batik Trusmi Produce handmade Batik textile special with Cirebon West Java signature. BT Batik Trusmi is the largest and widest showroom in Indonesia with original products from traditional batik craftsmen who are developing their business through digital as a marketing medium. The brand’s main mission is cultural responsibility, namely preserving the art of batik. Their most recent collection was modest wear in bright vibrant yellows, pinks, purples, blues alongside soft neutrals for a youthful elegance. The dresses and sets that hit the runway featured prints that mimicked an artistic representation of utopian nature.

About Indonesia Now

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