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"Phygital Sustainability Expo": The Fashion of the Future in the Heart of the Eternal City of Rome

A magical atmosphere filled the air at the Trajan's Markets, with the whimsical scenery of the Roman Forum as a backdrop, turning from gold to pink in the Roman sunset as the Phygital Sustainability Expo Fashion of the Future Event got underway.

On display were the most innovative sustainable outfits; fashion that is good for the planet, as the sounds of the famous voice actress, Alessandra Korompay, explained the technological and sustainable innovations expressed by each outfit during the Narrata® Fashion Show. As each dress left the stage, the amount of CO2 in kg emitted in the production of the dress was shared. This was unique to this show and had never been expressed elsewhere. The show was opened by the Goddess of Sustainability, with a green dress in the true sense of the word made of flowers, leaves, and overlapping green clouds and made by Andrea Sbarrini. The wonderful Goddess of Sustainability was brought into being by the skillful mastery of Paolo Di Pofil, haute couture artistic director of the Emsibeth Benefit Society. Di Pofil uses natural substances for his highly advanced beauty formulations. The outfit was embellished with ecological jewels designed by Matilde Mourinho, daughter of the well-known football coach.

This was followed by a kaleidoscope of clothes and accessories that respect the planet and transmit an important ethical message. There were many items on show, including ecological accessories made from bamboo, pineapple peel, and cactus, clothes made by the members of the ‘Made in Carcere’ project, and elegant fabrics made with recycled or eco-sustainable material.

RadiciGroup| World Leader in High Performance Polymers, Advanced Textile Solutions

Among the numerous man-made elements combining technology with sustainability was the presentation by RadiciGroup, the world leader in the production of chemical intermediates, polymers, high-performance technopolymers, and advanced textile solutions. RadiciGroup presented the first completely recyclable ski suit, created in collaboration with DKB and made of RENYCLE, a yarn derived from recycled nylon. Under the jumpsuit, the model wore a Yamamay swimsuit, made of Repetable, the RadiciGroup polyester yarn obtained through a process of recycling plastic bottles. Also on show were brilliant men's outfits made with yarns produced by ALBINI_next, the innovation hub of Albini Group, using non-polluting colors including Grounded Indigo, Off the Grain, HempFeel, and Re-Oxyde.

Not only that, but the event was also an opportunity to raise awareness among the public about the importance of buying consciously, thanks to the support of augmented reality. While waiting for the show to begin, guests were able to enjoy the experience offered by Hevolus Innovation aimed at raising public awareness of the polluting impact of compulsive shopping and the significance of conscious shopping towards fashion. By wearing the Hevolus Innovation HoloLens, a series of statuesque mannequins dressed in suits were presented, which could be "selected" with a simple "click." The more clothes the user clicked, the higher the pile of clothes turning into rags that the guests could see accumulating in a virtual space.

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The Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society, chaired by Valeria Mangani, is the largest European community of eco-sustainable brands, with over 2,000 fashion and design companies officially registered for free. The Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society is a center for the output of knowledge on issues related to sustainability, putting itself forward as a privileged interlocutor of the public, local administrators, industry, dedicated finance, and various players operating in the reference market. The Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society is a non-profit association with a prestigious scientific committee and a multidisciplinary team of experts. For several years, it has been gathering sustainable companies on a single international network platform and, above all, it provides support to companies that want to become sustainable, promoting ESG precepts and providing a series of free monthly services made available by our partners, including Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, ENEL X, EY, CNA Federmoda, ASVIS, and the Monitor for Circular Fashion by SDA Bocconi. The Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society promotes consumer awareness campaigns about ethically sustainable purchasing and, over the years, has developed the largest database of eco-sustainable manufacturers for the exclusive use of the registered brands.

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Photo credit: Flavia Lucidi, Phygital Sustainability Expo

Press Contact: Barbara Manto & Partners


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