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Singer Gola Pioneers ‘CHANGE’ For Women’s Rights in Iran

Reporter: Nikoleta Morales| Iranian Singer Gola's New Release 'CHANGE' | Image: Evergreenent

Cultured Focus is proud to present Iranian singer Golazine, internationally known as Gola.

Her new album 'CHANGE,' released September 23rd , makes a bold statement directly to Iranian women and men that speaks to the fight for gender equality in spite of the nation’s oppressive compulsory Hijab mandates and human rights violations.

Despite becoming the face of the “Hijab No Hijab” movement in Iran after her self-taped and directed video for “Haghame,” meaning ‘It Is My Right,’ went viral on the National Day of Hijab, and having been arrested many times during her youth for opposing the Iranian government, the mere fact that Gola is a solo female pop singer is a severe enough crime to get her arrested and likely killed if she ever attempted to return to Iran.

As there is a global push to raise awareness throughout the world for the current events and human rights violations occurring in Iran, it is important to raise our voices and advocate for change. The Iranian people are suffering every day under the oppressive force of the regime, and between planned internet blackouts and disabling social media platforms, the government in Iran is doing everything in their power to maintain control and prevent community organizing that goes against their oppressive laws.

The singer-songwriter and women's rights activist met with journalist Nikoleta Morales of Cultured Focus

to discuss her passion for advocacy and her latest album project CHANGE.

Known by Iranians as the Lioness of Iran, Gola irrefutably lives up to her reputation as she delivers a divine manifestation of bravery, advocacy, and justice with ‘CHANGE. She is simultaneously beloved by the Iranian people and outcast by the government, having been exiled from the country for over a decade, as she continues making radical statements advocating for gender equality that renounce the Iranian governments’ oppressive laws and hellish punishments inflicted upon Iranian women ready for the opportunity to experience true autonomy and the ability to forge their own destinies.

Gola continues to break barriers and empower girls. Her music and videos have garnered millions of listens and views on streaming platforms like YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Radio Javan and others. Her work have previously caught the attention of major media outlets such as i-D, The Times and The Sunday Times UK, TMRW Magazine, and Hunger Magazine, while she continues releasing projects that amplify her mission to spread empowerment, peace, and love.

About ‘Change’:

‘CHANGE’ illuminates the struggle of the Iranian people with clarity, truth, and passion. In a society where those that suffer the most are systemically silenced, Gola takes it upon herself to amplify the horrific tragedies inflicted upon countless Iranian families in hopes of catalyzing social reform. The album is not only a beacon of hope for the future of Iranian and Middle Eastern women, but also immortalizes the forced sacrifices and premature deaths endured by women like Mahsa Amini who was recently beaten to death by the morality police in Iran because of a couple strands of her hair falling outside of her scarf.

Release date: Listeners can stream ‘CHANGE’ on all major streaming platforms out now.

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