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The Next Generation of Design Talent in Swimwear Debuted Stunning Collections in the Paraiso Tent

Origin of Oceans at Miami Swim Week 2022
Reported: Karen Williams| Origin of Oceans at Miami Swim Week 2022| Images: Getty

The Next Generation of Design Talent in Swimwear Debuted Stunning Collections in the Paraiso Tent at Miami Swim Week Origin of Oceans, KBSWIM, Message in the Bottle - The Label, LainSnow, and Megan Mae.

Five designers debuted stunning collections in the Paraiso tent on Sunday night giving a glimpse into the next generation of talent in the swimwear industry. The curated collection of designers featured a sustainable brand, Origin of Oceans;a brand using eco-friendly fabrics, KB Swimwear; a brand led by an Aboriginal designer hailing from Australia, Message in a Bottle (MIB); a “Mommy and Me” brand with boys and girls suits, LainSnow; an influencer led brand featuring both swim and resort pieces, Meghan Mae Swimwear.

Origin Of Oceans

Instagram: @originofoceans

Origin of Oceans at Miami Swim Week 2022
Origin of Oceans at Miami Swim Week 2022

“This collection represents the transition of the sky in a full day as the sun rises at the break of dawn till dusk, and is a personal reminder that the sun will always rise again." Kathleen Bily, Founder and Designer, Origin Of Oceans.

Origin of Oceans Spring/Summer 2023 collection spoke sunshine with its gorgeous array of reds, oranges, yellows, and golds. The full transition from sunrise to sunset inspired the collection, appropriately titled “Here Comes The Sun”. Stunning swimwear pieces in psychedelic prints and adorned with handmade embroidery brought the runway alive just as the day wakes life.

About Origin of Oceans

Origin of Oceans (OOO) was inspired by a life of travel, adventure, and saying “YES”, of fearlessly embracing the “Out of Office” auto-response subject line, and channeling that spirit in daily life. The brand is a culmination of the experiences designer Kathleen Bily has collected in her time on this beautiful planet. Origin Of Oceans essentially means the origin of life whose mission is not only to create beautiful swimwear that is of the highest quality and a reliable source for amazing fit and style, but is to create awareness and support the efforts to clean our oceans and beaches to help save, heal, and preserve the life that gives us life.

With each swimwear purchase, we will donate part of the profits to The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization that is developing and scaling technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Their aim is to put themselves out of business once the oceans are clean. Learn more at and follow on Instagram at @originofoceans.

About the Designer

Kathleen Bily is a New York City based fashion designer with expertise in accessories design. She has been fully engrossed in the fashion industry for over a decade, working for prestigious brands and designers such as Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Tory Burch, and Kate Spade to name a few. Her education in fashion design and passion to exceed has brought Kathleen to work and eventually move from Texas to New York City full time in 2010. Since then, Kathleen has thrived and persevered in the competitive design world and grown in creativity and prestige, as well as acquired experience in numerous categories of design such as apparel, footwear, costume jewelry, fine jewelry, hardware, leather goods, and tech accessories.

Kathleen is currently the Senior Hardware Designer for a major fashion design house, and is also whole-heartedly focused on growing her swimwear brand Origin Of Oceans which she is extremely passionate about.


Instagram: @shopkbswim

KBSWIM at Miami Swim Week 2022
KBSWIM at Miami Swim Week 2022

KBSWIM’s Resort 2023 Collection was a take on the complexities of the 5 Elements of Nature. Each Element was represented through different forms, styles, feelings, textures and colors from the designers view point. Truly a suit for everyone, the runway was filled with a range of misty blue hues reminiscent of dusk and rich, vibrant, spicy reds.

As a brand that prides itself in sustainability, all fabrics are made from pre and post consumer products transformed into regenerated nylon called Econyl as well as recycled polyester called Repreve. Some influential fans of KBSWIM include Dani Leigh, Jena Frumes, and Addison Rae.


KBSWIM is an East Coast based brand, designed out of a small beach town in North Carolina. At KBSWIM every aspect of a design is thought out and meticulously cared for with you in mind. Not only for you but for the environment as well, with 100% sustainable swim made from pre and post consumer waste. We are creating more than just swim, we create eco friendly art that is meant to be worn by you. Learn more at and follow at @shopkbswim.

About the Designer

In 2017, Kenzie Bongiorno began curating her first collection inspired by her passion as an artist and roots growing up by the beach. KBSWIM soon came to life with a goal to create simple yet daring swim that inspired others to take on the mindset of being the most simply daring in their own body every time they step into one of her designs. When designing, Kenzie makes it a priority to keep improving each collection year to year with better styles and trends to fit and function.

Message in the Bottle - The Label (MIB)

Instagram: @Mibthelabel

Message in the Bottle - The Label at Miami Swim Week 2022
Message in the Bottle - The Label at Miami Swim Week 2022

From Brisbane to Miami, Message in the Bottle - The Label’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection, Born by the Sea, showcased contemporary Indigenous artwork from Indigenous Artist, Robert Paul. MIB's debut collection was inspired by Robert Paul and Grace Power's country, Bowen QLD Australia. The artwork materialized the swirls of the ocean, the bright colors and native sea creatures they grew up with.

"My inspiration comes from Bowen, which is part of the Whitsundays. The colours are inspired from the Great Barrier Reef that is located in the sea alongside the Whitsundays.” says Power.

About Message in the Bottle - The Label (MIB)

At Message In a Bottle – The Label, we collaborate with Indigenous Artists to produce high end, contemporary clothing collections. Art and clothing are a universal language for people from all walks of life. We want to encourage our consumers to feel confident when wearing our clothing, while having a strong connection to the artwork. My mission is to provide a spotlight on Indigenous artists. I will share their stories, employing traditional and modern methods with the intention of encouraging our future leaders to seek their own cultural voice in the creative arts. We aim for the collections to become a talking piece that would educate a much broader market on Indigenous culture through the artwork and the

Storytelling. Learn more at or follow on Instagram at @mibthelabel.

About the Founder & Creative Director

Grace Power is a proud Indigenous woman from Bowen, Australia. Growing up in the Whitsundays (Juru Land) with her childhood spent in the crystal clear waters of Far North Queensland. Message in a Bottle is greatly influenced by Grace's proclivity for the tropical seaside life she was afforded as well as the Great Barrier Reef being on her doorstep.

She has a diverse career background working in the Indigenous Health sector to working as the Melbourne School of Design Events and Exhibition Officer within the University of Melbourne. At the age of 26, she now runs her own clothing label and is the Practice Manager for her sister's health and aesthetics clinic, Peaches by Dr Power. Grace has a 'history making' athletic career, being the first Indigenous Woman to play Gridiron internationally and the first to represent her country in the National Women's Outback Gridiron Team. She has continued to break barriers for her culture and will be the first Indigenous owned brand to be part of Miami Swim Week. Working with her family is a major part of her success and brand with her brother Joshua and sister Sophia as a part of the team. MIB's first Indigenous Artist collaboration is with Robert Paul, who is also from Bowen and is a proud Juru man.


Instagram: @lainsnow

LainSnow at Miami Swim Week 2022
LainSnow at Miami Swim Week 2022

Neon, 90s and retro summer vibes characterized LainSnow’s latest swimwear collection. Available now, the mom and me swimsuits were not only on trend with their ribbed fabric and bright neon colors, but they also give postpartum bodies a flattering silhouette and unrivaled held-in feeling. This collection was inspired by moms and families traveling around the world who want to be able to spot their child easily on the beach or swimming, so they’reir not only fun but functional.

About LainSnow

LainSnow is named after designer Becca Ingle’s daughter "Lainey Snow". The line was inspired by their travels around the world and love for living life in bathing suits. We hope you feel your best in these suits and make lifetime memories. Learn more about the brand at and follow on Instagram at @lainsnow.


Instagram: @meganmaem

Megan Mae at Miami Swim Week 2022
Megan Mae at Miami Swim Week 2022

Megan Mae’s Charisma Collection , available now online, expanded on their already popular colors and styles with attractive prints and unique new designs. Designer and influencer, Megan Mae Stevens was inspired on a recent trip to Greece to create swimsuits in cinnamon, lilac and champagne hues and organic green and wavy blue prints.

“Our swimsuits are designed to make our customers not only look good but feel good when wearing them.” says Megan.

About Megan Mae Swimwear

Megan Mae Swimwear is a sustainable swimwear brand using the finest Italian fabrics made from recycled fishing nets. Megan Mae Swimwear is made in the USA and includes a selection of vibrant styles and colors that appeal to today's market. Learn more at and follow the brand on Instagram at @meganmaemiami.

About the Designer

Influencer, Megan Mae Stevens started out modeling bikinis and eventually realized she wanted her own swimwear line designed with her particular set of values in mind. Stevens comes from a family that ran a small business and she has always had entrepreneurial instincts. The launch of the Megan Mae Swimwear line has allowed Stevens to become an entrepreneur full time. Follow on Instagram at @meganmaestevens.


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