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10 Colombian Designers Showcase Must See Looks at Paraiso Miami Beach for Miami Swim Week

Columbian Designers at Paraiso Miami Beach | Miami Swim Week 2022

Colombian swimwear brands Alma Arena, Bahia Maria, Bahamamama, Palmacea, Smeralda, Mar de Lua, Mola Mola, Puntamar, PQ Swim and Praia came together on Thursday, July 14th, 2022 for a panel discussion on sustainability before its runway show on Miami Beach.

For the third year in a row, 10 of the most sophisticated Colombian swimwear brands presented on the runway for a must-see show at Swim Week on Miami Beach. A union between ProColombia and Paraiso Miami Beach, in an effort to foster the growth of the Colombian swimwear community and present buyers and press with a group of the country’s most diverse, unique and sophisticated swim brands. Nearly all have sustainable components designing and ethically manufacturing each collection.

The brands all showed that vibrant prints and well constructed swim - is in! “The Colombian fashion industry has been gaining worldwide recognition over the last decade, currently we are the number one swimwear provider in Latin America for the United States and number 9 provider worldwide. Our country offers unique swimwear designs at the forefront of global trends, incorporating innovative techniques and sustainable fabrics and practices. We are also well-known for our delivery times and our flexibility in production volumes. Specifically in the U.S., our swimwear sector, between January and May of 2022, has grown over 70% compared to the same period in 2021 and reached exports over $8 million USD”, says Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia, the government agency in charge of promoting Colombian exports internationally.

“Today, I am proud to say that more than 50 Colombian companies are participating at Miami Swim Week this year, and 10 of those will be leading the Paraíso Miami Beach runway. Thanks to the innovative, luxury and differentiated offer plus the strengthening process of our store sales channel and wholesale channel, we can say that our sector is growing and the United States is a key ally for our Colombian swimwear unrivaled success”, Santoro added.

Cultured Focus Magazine Highlights the 10 Colombian swimwear brands making a splash during Miami Swim Week below.

Alma Arena at Paraiso Miami Beach | Miami Swim Week 2022

Alma Arena

Dreamed in 2020 and born in 2021, Alma Arena is the result of a dream of 3 souls that walk together, wanting to gather their taste for summer, nature and love for life. In Alma Arena we create timeless, sophisticated and aesthetic pieces, inspired by raw nature, organic forms and the traces of sand made by the passing of time. We believe luxury is being present, magic is the attentive and unsuspected gaze and enjoyment is better without conditions. Our collection is called Soul Journey, which seeks to find balance and happiness, both individually and collectively as everything settles back to what we call normal life. It is inspired by that unforgettable summer where there is a reconnection with our being and nature, a healing and self-care ritual; natural landscapes, rustic textures and wild pigments stand out. You will find peaceful colors from deep blue navigating to a heartwarming mustard and ending with a cheerful fuchsia. Soul Journey brings our first print inspired by the movements of nature and raw minerals. Let our treasures complete your soul and take this journey with us. For more information visit

Instagram Handle: @alma.arena

Bahama Mama at Paraiso Miami Beach | Miami Swim Week 2022

Bahama Mama

Designed for those free and stylish souls destined to bring out the sensible but daring side of life. Its origins lie in the vibrancy of the Colombian Caribbean coast, full of freshness and elegance. We seek to impose a lifestyle whose pillars are based on happiness, confidence and comfort complemented by simplicity when it comes to dressing. Our swimwear is created from sustainable techno – fabric made of 100% recycled polyester from pre and post-consumer materials. We utilize natural fabrics such as cotton and linen and ecological digital printing. We are committed to conscious creation and focus on using sustainable materials and production to minimize the impact on the environment. All of our collections have a story to tell, inspired by the feeling of nature and the relaxed vibe of beach life. We aim to transmit only good energy and encourage people to want to make the most of every moment. To learn more visit

Instagram Handle: @bahamamamabw

Bahia Maria at Paraiso Miami Beach | Miami Swim Week 2022

Bahia Maria

Bahia Maria was founded in 2015 by María Alejandra Cajamarca, inspired by the modern woman. From the beach to the city, we aim for versatility with the comfort of using the same garment in different scenarios. Bahia Maria represents the passion that the designer shares for travel, exploring new summer places full of life and sun. The brand's goal and promise is to make every moment a show of sophistication. Our designs stand out for their authenticity and use top quality materials. Each stage of the process is meticulously taken care of, which is reflected in each garment. Our collections, FANTASTICA AND JARDINES DE VIZCAYA, we seek to highlight the beauty of women, both are very romantic and very floral collections, our laser cut figures and large boleros are present, giving an aesthetic very much of our brand. All our designs are created and manufactured in Colombia. Textile designs are produced exclusively for the brand. Our collections are available to be acquired worldwide through our website or with our different retailers in more than 15 countries.

Instagram Handle: @bahiamariasw

Palmacea Swimwear at Paraiso Miami Beach | Miami Swim Week 2022

Palmacea Swimwear

Palmacea is a Colombian Swimwear Brand created back in 2012. Inspired by the flora and fauna of our country, we aim to create colorful prints with sophisticated, yet versatile silhouettes. Our newest collection is called Macarena. Macarena is a small flower that was born in Cristales “The rainbow river”. It flows with the current of the river and changes color with the rays of the sun. It starts with carmine red and turns to lime green and brown, depending on the minerals of the soil. It goes through rocky paths and once it goes down the waterfall it becomes a free and happy woman. She arrives walking to her pink adobe house, finds the clay pots and connects with her ancestors in the Caño Cristales dance. This collection is inspired by the national park Serranía de La Macarena and its charm. Joyful prints are transformed with pleated textures and twisted straps. The rainbow palette of orange, emerald green, blue and lilac mixes with wine, brown and banana to balance the new Spring look. For more information visit

Instagram Handle: @palmaceaswimwear

Smeralda Swimwear at Paraiso Miami Beach | Miami Swim Week 2022

Smeralda Swimwear

Smeralda is a Colombian brand that began 5 years ago that appealed to the market by offering high-end products at a fair price. We are proud to design our own prints and use ECO fabrics (81% recycled thread from fishing nets and bottles recovered from the sea). Not only do we produce as many reversible swimwear suits as possible to reduce environmental impact and waste, but also our bikini bags are made from organic cotton which can be reused. Additionally, our paper bags and labels are made from sugar cane processing by-products as we aim to reduce our environmental footprint. For more information visit

Instagram Handle: @smeraldasw

Mar de Lua at Paraiso Miami Beach | Miami Swim Week 2022

Mar de Lua

Mar de Lua is a 100% Colombian brand that designs energetic, stylish swimwear and sportswear inspired by women and the sea. Our pieces are created to fit perfectly and highlight the beauty of the female silhouette thanks to our innovative designs and smart fit that flatters every body type. We are convinced that sustainable fashion is possible! Our future is not disposable, and it depends on what we do today. Inspired by real women and what turns their souls on fire with happiness, our Resort 2023 Collection is a Bohemian Chic collection that brings out the beauty of nature and all of its essence in each design. We turn every piece into a masterpiece to elevate our clients inner beauty which then will reflect on how she looks. Our purpose is to connect with their free soul and be part of their empowerment and self love. For more information visit

Instagram Handle: @mardelua

Mola Mola at Paraiso Miami Beach | Miami Swim Week 2022

Mola Mola

Mola Mola is a Colombian beachwear brand established in 2011 made to celebrate vibrant living. It is inspired by the Caribbean Sea’s dynamic energy and bright colors, and has become a one-stop-shop for tropical, ethically-made pieces. A modifiable and comfortable fit is the brand's number one priority. “Our comfortable silhouettes and versatile, mix-n-match prints are specifically designed to be easily worn by both kids & adults.” says designer Adriana Dangond. Bold prints and lively color combinations are created in-house, making each design unique to the brand and are created to make a statement. Mola Mola uses lycra made out of recycled plastic PET bottles. The medium and long-term goal is to become a 100% sustainable brand - constantly rethinking our packaging, production methods, and material sourcing. For more information visit

Instagram Handle: @molamolapinkworld

Puntamar at Paraiso Miami Beach | Miami Swim Week 2022


Puntamar is a Colombian swimwear and complement brand launched in 2016, which seeks to reflect an avant-garde and elegant lifestyle. Through exclusive pieces that are characterized by an innovative design, it imposes trends to provide our customers a differentiation when it comes to wearing a swimsuit garment. This new collection, called Hexagonal, represents a new age of Puntamar, taking new color combinations and ruffles to the next level. All the ruffles are hand-made from hexagons creating a geometrical visual that can be seen as flowers in each piece. In addition, most of the pieces have different color layers that create visual illusions and color mix and match. Our purpose is to change the perception of the use of swimsuits in the current market showing a new way to utilize these pieces, revolutionizing the way of thinking of our customers. Though swimwear pieces were purely compliments for the pool or the beach, now they can go out with them to the streets, restaurants, making them a part of their daily outfit. For more visit,

Instagram Handle: @puntamarofficial

PQ Swim at Paraiso Miami Beach | Miami Swim Week 2022

PQ Swim

PQ stands for Pure Quality, where we have created a cabana chic swim and resort wear line designed for women who want to feel confident in what they wear. Our Resort 2023 collection is reminiscent of the blissful, shell-speckled shores of Boca Grande. Get swept away in the deep blues of our Waverly group or bask in the peacefulness of our ombre’ infused Violet Sunset styles. Our shimmery soft Pink Pearl designs are the perfect feminine touch, while our textured deep green Banyan styles are inspired by the island’s famous willowy trees. Each and every piece of the collection is carefully crafted, with the highest quality fabric and impeccable fit to accentuate the beautiful figure of the woman wearing it. Learn more at

Instagram Handle: @pqswim

Praia at Paraiso Miami Beach | Miami Swim Week 2022


Praia by Dayanara Durán is a Colombian brand of swimwear and resort wear style clothing, created by its designer Dayanara Durán. For PRAIA, the arrival of a new collection is a mixture of emotions that take over all the processes that are carried out as a team to bring forward each of the ideas that arise and give life to the essence of the brand, focused on the authenticity and elegance of women. We chose California as the site for its new Sunset Secrets Resort 2023 collection, for its coasts permanently bathed by the magic that only God gives us through the sunsets. Joshua Tree and Laguna Beach were the perfect locations to give life to this collection, inspired by the delicacy and glamour evoked by the waves of the sea, the falling leaves when the wind moves the trees and the flight of birds. Each color and design stands out with the imposing golden sun that accompanied them in the production of this collection. For more information visit

Instagram Handle: @praiabydayanaraduran

For more information, visit:

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