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July 18, 2020

Mia Edwards, MSW, LSW (@medwar44) joins Cultured Focus Magazine again to discuss an important topic, which is mental health. With many stressors impacting communities including Coronavirus, racial tensions, job loss, and rises in domestic abuse, she joins us to discuss ways to cope and how to find hope during this challenging time.

This is the second video in our series with the Licensed Social Worker as she discusses


July 10, 2020

In a new upcoming TV series “Cracka,” a white neo-Nazi, played by Lorenzo Anotonucci, is subjected to cruelty from black slave holders. It is a world where the white people are the slaves and the black people are the slave owners, a reversed point of view meant to raise awareness to the ongoing racism battles in America. The film answers the question “What if the roles were reversed?" “Cracka” is directed and written by Dale R...

Mezzosoprano Maria Ràtkova is an international opera artist with in-depth experience in music theater and concerts. Her repertoire contains symphonic and oratorio music, baroque, as well as, sacred operatic pieces. Maria Ratkova made her opera debut in the role of Octavian in “Der Rosenkavlier” by R.Strauss in Politeama Greco of Lecce in 2007.
She has debuted internationally in theaters around the worl...

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