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100 Journeys of Hope: A Helpful Resource for Grieving Youth & Their Families

100 Journeys of Hope
By: Quincy Taylor |100 Journeys of Hope | Image: Brittany Miller

Dominique Savage, M.Ed., Founder and CEO of Educated Mindz Authors a Book for Children to Help with Grief from Loss of Loved Ones: 100 Journeys of Hope

In a flourishing environment, the adults in the community are to aid and protect the children as they navigate life and learn to adapt through their experiences.

100 Journeys of Hope is a movement launched by Dominique Savage, M.Ed., founder and CEO of Educated Mindz and author of “Darla Misses Daddy”.

Darla is a little girl who loves going to school, playing with friends, and spending time with her family. Darla really enjoyed spending time with her father cooking, playing, and riding in the car. One day Darla's father passed away and this saddened her because she loved him very much. Follow Darla's experience as she struggles to learn how to grow up without her dad no longer in her life.

Dominique lost her father at a young age and has personally lived through the challenges that comes with grieving and making her way through life without a significant loved one. She was able to recognize the need not only within her own personal experiences but also within the classroom, for a resource of awareness such as this book. It is her purpose and duty to use what she knows to create a solution and a resource for success and resolve.

100 Journeys of Hope

The goal is to get the book into more households, libraries, and organizations that have direct interaction with the children who need it the most. We are also encouraging parents to join the movement and get books for friends because even if a child isn’t dealing with grief directly, this book can help them better understand their friends who are, and the conversations can be had comfortably. Knowledge is power and if this movement can impact 100 journeys by welcoming hope through awareness, we are here for it!

Wholistically as an ECE Coach, Provider, Community Leader and Author, Dominique is changing the trajectory of the environments that consistently mold our youth and enriching the leaders that are in control of their day to day care, therefore, she is transforming communities as a whole, and essentially investing into the future of humanity.

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100 Journeys of Hope


Dominique E. Savage is a Childcare business owner, consultant, and author with over 15 years' experience dedicated to the ECE Field. Dominique was born into this industry through her mother’s entrepreneurship and ownership of her own family daycare center. After graduating with a B.A in ECE and obtaining her Pennsylvania teaching certification, Dominique decided to join the family business and expand from “family daycare” to a successful, high-quality accredited preschool center.

After years of operating a multi-site childcare business and graduating with her Master's in educational leadership, she launched her own platform, Educated Mindz, where she shares tips, techniques, strategies, and blueprints for childcare providers nationwide to scale & grow their businesses. Her passion and educational purpose is to educate women nationwide on how to not only become a successful entrepreneur but the importance of continually “educating their mindz” on self-development and financial freedom to create generational wealth for their families, for years to come.

Dominique has also added the title of published author to her name, with the introduction of her first book and first children’s book, Darla Misses Daddy, which touches on the loss of a loved one. Through this newest endeavor, Dominique aims to empower families and schools to embrace tough yet necessary conversations within the home and teaching spaces. Her book is currently sold online at Educated Mindz, as well as in Walmart and Barnes & Noble; soon to be on shelves at many more independent and culturally diverse bookstores around the nation.

As a natural-born leader and problem solver, Dominique Savage is on a mission to enrich the community through her professional investments in youth building and awareness as it pertains to both family and educator resources. Dominique has served on leadership/expert panels, hosted many masterclasses and workshops, and has spoken and taught to various people and platforms for the betterment of their education centers and community programs. As a second-generation Entrepreneur, Dominique Savage is fired up and personally equipped and passionate about her work. She is increasing her reach and making a bigger impact by the hour.


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