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Single-malt Scotch Whisky Sells for Record Figure at Hong Kong Auction

Photo courtesy of: Spink China auction house

On October 4, a full barrel of Macallan 1987 single-malt Scotch whisky was sold for HK $2,928,000 (approx. USD $375,000) at the Spink China auction house in Hong Kong, setting a new world record for the sale of a whisky cask.

The 30-year-old whisky is produced by the Macallan distillery, in Scotland.

For those interested to know more about the whisky making process, Macallan offer tours of their distillery, limited to just 10 people to ensure a personal experience.

Their knowledgeable guides will provide a very comprehensive explanation of the distilling process and participants will enjoy a tasting of the raw spirit and 4 selections from the Macallan line of whiskies at the end of the tour.

For more information on Macallan, please visit:

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