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Antonio Croce Perfumes and Chocolate: A Seductive Combination

On the 6th of April, along with the tenth edition of Esxence, the fair/event dedicated to international artistic perfumery, a multisensory experience was staged at the Milan flagship store in via Manzoni 38, offering a taste of the niche scents launched in 2017, together with the exclusive bespoke chocolates produced for the event. Seven special stands, one for each essence and sweet recipe, scattered across the two floors of the shop, shall represent the seven legs of a journey across the excellence of flavor, marking a unique alliance between the two brands. Antonio Croce perfumes are as a matter of fact manufactured with natural ingredients, so pure that they can also be used for edible products. The delicacies of Rivoire have been custom-made with the essences held in the olfactory notes of the seven perfumes.

On this occasion, to signify technical issues connected with the world of fragrances and the one of high-end chocolate-making, Antonio Croce will host the Nose Paolo Terenzi and the maître chocolatier at Rivoire during a special evening. See more at:

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