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Franklin Eugene Star Confirmed Lights Up Milan Men's Fashion Week SS2019

Fresh off the heels of having witnessed the global debut of Franklin Eugene’s mind-blowing menswear collection STAR CONFIRMED, let’s take a minute to reflect on what transpired. FRANKLIN EUGENE STAR CONFIRMED is complete. Some of the transitions are sublime, others are obvious. We can confirm inclusion in the presentation of the FRANKLIN EUGENE TRIFECTA – pioneering, cutting edge designs; strong, clean silhouettes, traditional and non-traditional statement suits. Let’s turn to the leading image for this review. Look at the models in this image – three different body types, ages, nationalities, and backgrounds. Each model appears in FRANKLIN EUGENE FURY, the magnificent multi-colored blazer that introduced us to STAR CONFIRMED. Each model wears FRANKLIN EUGENE FURY in a way that channels an outward manifestation of his inner best self. Since the inception of the brand and its public manifestation, Mr. Eugene has crafted each menswear design with this goal in mind – that each creation is an outward manifestation of the wearer’s inner best self. Thank you for this, Mr. Eugene. We appreciate your efforts to move fashion beyond an external aesthetic. This collection leans forward with optimistic and defiant hope.

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