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Ken Harris Fighting Cyber Fraud Through Puppetry

Ken Harris is a Cyber Crime Expert, author, and puppeteer. His goal is to use puppetry to educate the public and senior community about cyber crime and provide cyber security awareness to prevent them from falling victim to criminals.

The increase in cyber crime during the coronavirus pandemic has only heighten the level of urgency and importance of getting the message out. See the full Youtube video on the Cultured Focus Magazine channel here.

With a passion for public speaking and puppetry, he uses his skills to educate the public about the vulnerability of senior citizens to various scams. Harris believes that together as a community, we can spread cyber security awareness to our seniors, family, friends, and caretakers so that everyone can be informed in order to protect the elderly. On his speaking tours and Youtube channel, he uses puppets to educate about scams and reenactments incidents involving elder fraud. Viewers are eased into topics such as grandparent scams, fake sweepstakes, phony charities, romance scams, health insurance fraud, cyber security awareness, bereavement scams, and so much more. Scattering the seeds of knowledge for better living is his goal in helping the public and organizations to ensure all live a stress free live from scammers. Those who have an impact on senior's daily living can find his videos and blogs invaluable in caring for seniors and for themselves as well. Subscribe to his channel to get the latest news and events.

Visit his Youtube education channel at: to get the latest updates.

Harris is also a contributing writer for Point of View Community Newspaper. For more visit:

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