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The Beautiful Journey: The Lens of Devin Allen Exhibition [Virtual]

The Gallery in Baltimore City Hall is proud to feature an extraordinary talent and photographer, Devin Allen, in its first virtual gallery exhibition, The Beautiful Journey: The Lens of Devin Allen. Shot in lush black and white, the captivating images unfold another aspect of Allen’s photography, love of his hometown, Baltimore, and features prose from D. Watkins and Kondwani Fidel. The Beautiful Journey is now virtually live.

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Allen is often called the most important photographer since Gordon Parks. It was his grandmother who gave him the money to purchase his first camera. Motivated by representation and burdened with misrepresentation, Allen set out to capture what he calls “the beautiful ghetto.”

In 2015, Allen gained international attention when Time magazine selected his momentous black and white photograph capturing the Baltimore Uprising for its cover. Allen’s ability to frame the causalities, realities, and beauties of American life in an arresting 21st century perspective makes him more of a cultural anthropologist rather than a freshly famed photographer.

“During our nation’s most trying times, it is art that uniquely captures the moment and preserves it for the future,” says Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young. Mayor Young continues, “I am proud to announce our very first virtual gallery exhibition featuring one of Baltimore's most acclaimed and celebrated artists, Devin Allen. Devin made history when one of his photos landed on the cover of Time magazine. Today, he takes us on a beautiful and virtual journey of Baltimore City through the lens of his camera. So, stay inside, stay safe, and enjoy this fantastic journey of our beloved Baltimore from home.”

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Instagram: @bydvnlln

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