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Word Warriors III Film: The Power of the Tongue

WORD WARRIORS III, acquired by Freestyle Digital Media, the digital film distribution division of Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios, is a powerful social commentary that explores the circumstances of young African American men in today's society and the concept of using one's words as a weapon of peace versus guns and violence.

This film examines the importance of using words from the perspectives of young Black men who are poets, community activists, educators, and noted elder poets – aka THE WORD WARRIOR GRIOTS. See the full trailer here on Youtube.

These men speak wisdom from a historical point of view as they have been instrumental figures in the Civil Rights Movement and in shaking the halls of injustice with their weapons of words. WORD WARRIORS III sounds the alarm calling for an end to the cyclical epidemic of self- destruction that has attacked our black boys and young black men.

Written by Takia "Tizzi" Green & Lyah Beth LeFlore, WORD WARRIORS III was directed by Jamal Joseph & Takia "Tizzi" Green and produced by Takia "Tizzi" Green, Lyah Beth LeFlore, Walter Thurmond III, Jamal Joseph, and Kevin J. Nelson.

Cultured Focus Magazine had the pleasure of meeting with director Tizzi Green for an in-depth interview about the film and the importance of the film at this time in history.

The full video is available on Youtube here.

.In a country that was built on the foundation of oppression and white supremacy, those who are of the African Diaspora in America struggle with the cyclical epidemic of systemic racism generation after generation.

Since slavery, the Black community has used the power of words as a weapon to explore freedom through their art of song, poetry, writings, protest, and speeches to heal and continue to push the culture forward.

Word Warriors III is a documentary that highlights the power of words. It is used as a source of healing by using our words as a weapon of peace vs. guns and violence. In the climate of today's unjust criminal justice system, lacking educational system, poverty, police brutality, senseless murders, and all of the negative disparities that affect the African American communities, we must make a change using the most powerful tool that we have...our words.

Lead cast member, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, has become known in the entertainment business for his seasoned acting talents, and his accomplishments in music, directing, and producing. As an Emmy-nominated actor and Grammy award winner, Warner has positioned himself as one of the most accomplished talents in the industry today. As a staple in television and film for nearly 30 years, Warner first rose to national prominence by starring on the celebrated and long-running classic television series “The Cosby Show.” His work on the show garnered him a Primetime Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, and set the stage for him to have a long career in the public eye.


In 1997, Takia "Tizzi" Green started her career with Lionsgate CEO, Jon Feltheimer, the then EVP of Sony Pictures Entertainment and President of Columbia Tri-Star TV. From there, doors opened for Green, from working as a production assistant on the CBS television series "The Gregory Hines Show" to working on and developing multiple television shows with concert promoter and Executive Producer Alan Haymon.

After starting her tv/film Production company, Majestic 9 Films, in 2012, Green has taken her skills to the next level, Directing and Producing under her Majestic 9 Films umbrella. Majestic 9 Films currently has projects being distributed with Byron Allen's Entertainment Studios/Freestyle Digital Media, and TV ONE's digital platform iONE digital.

She is also Producing the Michael Brown project "Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil" through her deal at Warner Bros Studios. Green has also become a go-to songwriter and producer composing music for television and film projects like REVOLT's Letter to Prez PSA series, featuring Rapsody and Joey Badass, BET's 8 Days A week series, and CBS's The Gregory Hines Show, to name a few. She recently penned the theme song, "Wake Up," for the soon-to-be released documentary film Word Warriors III.

Other Team Members: Lyah Beth LeFlore Jamal Joseph Walter Thurmond III Kevin J. Nelson

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