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Latest Single From Christopher Marciano Debuts

With songs like "Runaway", "Stubborn" and "I'm Just Me", Pop and R&B Singer- Songwriter Christopher Marciano is no stranger to speaking his mind about self- worth. The importance of promoting Mental Health Awareness and Diversity through his music has been the reason why he continues to not let the pen escape him.

With intentions on always being a songwriter, Christopher Marciano found himself guiding and advising several artists. During a studio session, one of his artists challenged Marciano’s advice with the statement, “how would you know this works? You have never been an artist.” It was at that moment that Christopher Marciano saw

that in order to strengthen his business, he would have to walk in the shoes of an artist.

On May 26, 2017, Christopher Marciano debuts his first single “Runaway”. “I wrote this song a while ago. It was originally for another artist but it was so personal to me that I took the song back and kept it in a vault. For some reason I found myself having a deeper connection with the song and I had a tough time giving it to just anyone” Marciano states in a radio interview for Indie Jamz. Runaway served as the foundation for Marciano’s career and went on to be quite the statement once a music video was released for it. The music video highlighted three different battles such as, personal insecurities, religion and sexuality and the connection that was formed between them. “I was in a really dark place when I wrote this song and I have always been such a runner. I finally wanted to see the light and chose not to run away any more.”

While experimenting with being an artist, Christopher Marciano continued to write and work for several artists, such as R&B star, Van Chiso. Marciano intended on receiving a placement on Chiso’s album, however, Van Chiso had other plans for him. In 2017, Christopher Marciano was asked to perform at Chiso’s event called, “The Come Up”. This show served as the first of many performances done by Christopher Marciano. A fan shared his first Marciano experience, “I just remembered it being very dark and this crazy vocally amazing intro started. All of a sudden this box that was on stage lit up and it was literally a visual light show. Then in the box we see Marciano and he starts singing, he killed it. I literally remembered him from that point on.” It was at this same show that Christopher Marciano debut’s his next pop driven single, “I’m Just Me.” This song showcases

the importance of being yourself and not compromising yourself for anyone else.

On October 9, 2017, the next surprise single was announced. “I always write about my experiences, it was my way of dealing with the things that I did not want to talk about. This next song, “Perfect Storm”, was a little different. I wrote about what I wanted in life. I wrote about a future love. I know that the person I find may not be perfect to everyone else, but to me they will be just that. My Perfect Storm, an intriguing kind of love.”

Being an independent artist, Christopher Marciano quickly learned about how much work goes into remaining consistent. He performed at over 18 shows in less than a year and did not turn down any opportunities that came his way.

Orlando Live Entertainment caught wind of Christopher Marciano in May of 2018 and asked him to launch their company by putting on a solo performance. This performance took place in downtown Orlando at Aero’s Rooftop Bar where Marciano lit up Orlando with another light show, but this time he turned to his fans for help. They were all given foam lights to help celebrate Christopher Marciano’s first solo show.

One of Marciano’s biggest opportunity came when the prestigious company, Sister’s in Power, chose him to open up for Love and Hip Hop star, Amara La Negra June of 2018. This Fashion Show event also featured Project Runway star, Reco Chapple and his line, “House of Chapple.” It was at this point that Marciano released his next single, “Straitjacket.” This eerie and addicting song talks about a love that will drive you crazy, but it feels excessively good.

This journey was not intended to be a long-term career for Christopher Marciano, but it was clear that he was enjoying his life as an artist way too much to stop.

What was said to be Christopher Marciano’s biggest single was released on June 11, 2019. This single, “Stubborn” features Big Brother celebrity, Jozea. Jozea has been on shows such as MTV’s The Challenge and Ex on the Beach.

Christopher Marciano has completed his first ever album and is please to present his latest new music video for audience globally.You can check it out here on
For more information, visit Instagram here.
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