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Songbird JenniVere Debuts her Latest Music and Novel

Jennivere is a first generation Korean American born and raised in NY. She studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Lee Strasberg Film and Theater Institute. She has appeared in stage plays at Lee Strasberg, films, and Music Videos. After being seen on IMDB as an IMDB Fresh Face, she travelled to London for a World pageant and a film project in Rome & Orvieto, Italy. Upon returning to the States, she began recording music and produced an album inspired by her own poetry. Throughout the years, her passion and interest in acting, writing and music has remained strong and in 2019 Jennivere completed her studio album "Peaces of my Mind" - including the singles Billion Dollar Baby, Perfect Life, Perfect Memories, Fashion Victim, Supergirl, Wildest Colts, Love Shy. Her eclectic musical collaborations can be heard on the “Happy Hollowdays” Film soundtrack. JenniVere is also fluent in Korean and traveled to Seoul, Korea in the summer of 2019 & recorded a Korean version of Supergirl. The French Cover version of her song: Billion Dollar Baby by Parisian dancer & singer Jenny Promenuer will be released in Europe by Affinity Records in the U.K. The Brand “JenniVere” spotlights a classic Korean American novel, music & a soundtrack & a musical/ film (filming in 2020). She hopes to build a career as both a writer, actor, singer and have her music played in film soundtracks. Her novel & album are available through all online retailers.

Jennivere is a member of SAG AFTRA & is available to travel for work and is currently bi-coastal and is always passport ready and up for anything.

Release: SuperGirl Korean version and Perfect Life:

Website and IMDB:

Facts About JenniVere:

1. She is a Recording artist, Novelist, Actor from Queens, New York currently pursuing a career in Hollywood. Promoting her album "Peaces of my mind" - available on iTunes as of (March 22nd, 2020). Learn more here: 2. She is proud of her Korean Heritage and likes to discuss the Oscars and Bong Joon Ho and discuss how exciting it was that a Korean film won for best film.

She is fluent in Korean- reading and writing and can sing in Korean as well. She last visited Seoul last summer recorded a single there in studio in Korean .

3. Her latest novel "Happy HollowDays -Part One" is a fictional story about 3 Korean American sisters in the backdrop of a family holiday.

4. Her most recent music video was directed by Award winning independent film maker Daniel Rogers who she met on another film several years ago when she began pursuing acting in NYC. The song is called "Perfect Memories".

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