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Discussion with A Lady in The Streets Author Tarree Douglas-Templeton

Overview: After losing her father, Avery Buchanan, a notorious Baltimore crime boss, to the violence of the streets and her mother, Collette, to the crack epidemic, Ava Buchanan is a young adult lost within the concrete jungle of the projects. Caught up in the street life and her current relationship with an up and coming hustler from Baltimore’s East Side, Ava thinks life is good. But with the discovery of a dangerous liaison, she is then swept into a world of lies, deceit, betrayal, and the criminal underworld which could possibly take her under as it once did her father. Filled with unsuspecting twists, turns, and a deadly secret that could destroy everyone involved, this gritty urban romance drama will leave your breathless.

Cultured Focus Magazine met up with esteemed author Tarree Douglass-Templeton to discuss his latest novel, his inspiration behind the novel, and his advice for new writers

opening to make their mark as an author. We are sure that you will enjoy the interview as much as we did, as he is witty, talented and full of humor. See the full interview on our Instagram page here.


Tarree Douglass- Templeton is an author hailing from within the great state of Maryland. His journey began from reading books as a child, and being embraced by the stories told in them. The stories within those pages took hold of him and it was that magnetism that drove his passion to become an author. Growing up in the inner city, he used his writings and muses as an escape from his vice land upbringing and it's harsh realities. Inspired by this concrete jungle, his stories are written from the heart and contain all his emotions, mystery, intrigue, and the culture within its pages. This savvy storytelling enables his readers to not only read his materials contents, but to feel like they are physically walking through the pages into the story itself.

Social Media:

Facebook: Tarree Douglass-Templeton

Instagram: @tdouglasstempletonmd


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