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Art World All a Buzz on Blasko

Written by: Nikoleta Morales

Cultured Focus caught up with art phenom BLASKO, who is getting incredible buzz throughout the art industry for his visionary pieces. Blasko is an original contemporary artist whose art is evocative, and it addresses matters of the soul, the world’s state of affairs and identity.

Blasko grew up in Indianapolis and graduated from North Central High School. He majored in Studio Art graduating in 2010 from the University of Southern Indiana. Returning to Indianapolis, Blasko opened his own studio at Circle City Industrial Complex.

'I started trying to develop a style once I got my studio. In a lot of the early work. I was doing expressionistic landscape and symbolic self-portraits that looked nothing like me. From there, I basically was trying to get deeper into my own psyche. I started using spray paint and other paint media instead of just oil paint to get to something more believable that wasn't artificial", Blasko told Nuvo newspaper.

Blasko has exhibited in solo and group shows, and his art works are being shown at SATCH ART SPACE. Visit his studio is at Circle City Industrial Complex in Indianapolis, Indiana or purchase his art work by contacting him directly via his Instagram @Steven_blasko_theif

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