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“2028” is Amelie Jat’s New Nostalgic Single

Amelie Jat’s New Nostalgic Single
By: Taylor Lynn | Amelie Jat’s New Nostalgic Single Debuts | Images: @evgnent

Amelie Jat’s newest single “2028” is coming out on all major streaming platforms on August 4th. It comes just a few months before her upcoming album release in the fall, giving listeners a chance to bathe in the artist’s beautiful voice and chill-pop aesthetic while enjoying the last half of summer.

The song serves up 80’s-inspired synths, dancey four-on-the-floor drums, and lyrics that interrogate the feeling of meeting that special someone at just the wrong time. Combined with the faded photograph of Jat near Coney Island on the single’s cover, listeners get a sense of the wistful sentimentality that “2028” has to offer. But instead of leaning too far into regret, the song always comes charging back with its infectious danceability. It’s the perfect nostalgic jam for the summer.

The sound on “2028” is a departure for Jat, who is seen as more of a pop-punk artist. With influences along the lines of Avril Lavigne, Maggie Lindemann, and LØLØ, Jat has defined her sound as something more layered and richly emotional than a simple 2000’s throwback.

This latest single offers us a new look at the artist, showing a greater depth and breadth to her songwriting chops than we’ve ever seen before. The chill-pop sound also gives her more opportunities to flex her muscles in production — something that this track takes full advantage of with its vocoded vocal layers, perfectly EQed piano, and Euro-style kicks.

That sparkling production is aided by longtime Jat collaborator and Emmy-nominated producer James McMillan. The two also worked on some of Jat’s previous hits, like "my band hates you!,” "Therapy,” and "Faking Parties.” In those songs, the duo managed to establish a sound that helped to add force and attitude to Jat’s diary-like lyrics and ability to write sometimes scathing turns of phrase.

Amelie Jat’s New Nostalgic Single

With this newest song, the two step away from the harder edge of Jat’s previous output and relax into a more ambient soundscape that allows the emotional nuance of the lyrics to take center stage. The track is, after all, about acceptance of letting go. It’s a special kind of heartbreak, one without melodrama but plenty of emotions to unpack.

In this way, “2028” preserves the confessional tone of Jat’s songwriting, all while opening us up to a new side of her sound. It’s an exciting next step for the artist, and we can’t wait to hear the rest of the album this fall.

Amelie Jat’s New Nostalgic Single

Until then, make sure to check out “2028” on all major streaming platforms.


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