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6th Annual Wonder Woman Initiative Presents Anástasis: Amplifying Female Voices at Miami Swim Week

6th Annual Wonder Woman Initiative Presents Anástasis
By: Quincy Taylor | 6th Annual Wonder Woman Initiative Presents Anástasis | Image: I am Eido

Miami Swim Week 2023 is just around the corner and the 6th Annual Wonder Woman Initiative Shows at Miami Swim Week will be taking place at the Kimpton Angler’s South Beach Hotel on July 7th and 8th. "As the Wonder Woman Initiative continues to amplify the voices of women, we further entrench the need for individual and collective mental reformation and positive transformation in ways that sustain the next generation," says Tayo Ishola who is the Founder and Miami-based Social Entrepreneur. For Miami Swim Week 2023, The Wonder Woman Initiative transcends the borders of the swimwear and resort wear industry to push the need for a social uprising that stands to benefit not only fashion, but seeks to elevate today and tomorrow’s women. This event, themed "Anástasis: The Uprising," is sure to give new meaning to the concept of creativity, inspiration, and transformation.

Miami Swim Week: 6th Annual Wonder Woman Initiative Presents Anástasis

Through Anástasis, the Wonder Woman Initiative seeks to create an experience where brands, global leaders, fashion enthusiasts, press, buyers, and guests can connect to push past barriers, enjoy the creativity of a Miami Swim Week experience like none other, strengthen the core of intrinsic wellness, build external agility and grow further in the community.

The festivities will begin with an intentionally curated meet and greet at the Minnow Bar of the Kimpton Angler's Hotel on the 7th of July. This activation will be powered by Plente, an online platform that exists to help people embrace a superpower that we all have inside of us, the power to connect. Plente, named after plentiful, is a leader in enriching and empowering diversity-focused connectors with a suite of services and products. The shows will follow on July 8th on the rooftop of the Kimpton Angler's Hotel, beginning with a 2-hour AfroFusion Buffet experience presented by the I Am Eido brand.

6th Annual Wonder Woman Initiative Presents Anástasis

Guests will enjoy live runway shows, live performances, speaker segments, a panel discussion on sustainability and period poverty, and an award-presentation ceremony. The featured designers include Tayo Ishola of I Am Eido, Ashley-Victoria Smith of Voglia Swimwear, Jnaba Diallo of Dieo Collection Resort Wear, Ashlee Monroe of MoLuxe, Dana Angelino of Coconut Bikini, and Keneisha Creary of Chantwa’.

Honorees include Sophie Ringel, founder of Clean Miami Beach; Layana Aguilar, FIT Trained Designer and Entrepreneur; Dotie Joseph, Member of the Florida House of Representatives; Merle Liivand, 4x Guinness World Records Holder and Professional Swimmer.

This year's show is being hosted by Christine Handy, a breast cancer survivor, international speaker, accomplished model, best-selling author, and a nationally recognized Humanitarian. The Wonder Woman Initiative team is thrilled to continue honoring women who have worked tirelessly to make a name for themselves despite many obstacles and challenges.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of a unique and inspiring Miami Swim Week experience, powered by the Wonder Woman Initiative events on July 7th and 8th. Get your tickets now and join the ranks of women who inspire us all!

Partners include: The Eco Channel, Plente, Gloria Ward, Boxed Water, Pulpoloco Sangria, Leovard, Nay's Hair Company, White Space Consultant Group, and BCH Artistry.

Contact Info: I AM EIDO


Instagram: eidoswimwear


Wonder Woman Initiative

Championed by @eidoswimwear to make female voices apparent, this initiative is a passion for Ishola that benefits women in situations of adversity, for example, experiencing family violence, and going through the grief of a son or family member and girls with limited resources. If you wish to help or donate to the cause, visit their website.


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