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7th New York International Screenplay Awards - NYISA - Award Ceremony & Cocktail Party!

Reported by: Taylor Lynn

7th New York International Screenplay Awards - NYISA - Award Ceremony & Cocktail Party!

New York International Screenplay Awards 2022 Ceremony and Filmmakers Cocktail Party Kicks Off May 10th 2022. The winners will receive glamorous Awards! NYISA jurors, past winners, NY filmmakers, and Movie Industry Professionals will have a chance to get together and enjoy the party while networking! Live Jazz by Daniel Stein Trio 6:00-7:00 Cocktail reception, Live Jazz by Daniel Stein Trio 7:00-8:00 Award Ceremony 8:00-9:00 Industry party, Live Jazz by Daniel Stein Trio Dresscode: Cocktail Attire It is a free event. For more information Please send an email to


New York International Screenplay Awards is an international screenplay competition for screenwriters who aspire to connect with the USA industry workers and explore the US markets. NYISA 2022 winners will be connected to the US film industry by InkTip Magazine, Script Mailer. They’ll have free Screenwriting software by the Final Draft! They’ll be registered for free at CreatersVault, and will receive free screenwriting courses from Script Reader Pro, plus, page-by-page script analysis, a half-hour follow-up phone call, and an e-book, “Common Screenwriting Mistakes”, and some other services by UpLift Script… And much more!

NYISA’s valued jury members are industry professionals such as Producers, Script Doctors, Directors, Actors, and Screenwriters. We accept submissions via Filmfreeway!

Winners and Official Finalists of the 2022 New York International Screenplay Awards will be announced officially on April 20th, 2022.

The award ceremony will be at the DROM venue, on May 10th, 2022!

About the Founder| Emine Dursun

NYISA has been founded by Emine Dursun in 2015. Emine is a Sundance-Alum, New York-based Screenwriter, Script Doctor, and Screenwriting & Creative Writing Teacher. She is a jury member of lots of Film Festivals and Screenplay competitions such as The Writers Lab which is supported by Meryl Streep, Oprah Winfrey, and Nicole Kidman and is produced by New York Women in Film & Television.

Dursun leads workshops including “ How To Write An Award Winning Screenplay”, “Character Creation”, “Building A Strong Structure”, “Efficient Moving Dialogue Writing”, and “Creative Writing”. She also provides private lessons in New York. She is the owner of the MAE Media House and is selectively providing script doctoring and script analysis for special projects.

The NYISA also offers the workshops “How to write An Award-winning Screenplay” and “Advanced Screenwriting Development Programs”.

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