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Altaroma, the Fashion Week You Do Not Expect

 Rome Fashion Week 2023- Your Favorite Fashion Highlights
By: Veronica Constanza Ward | Rome Fashion Week 2023 | Image: Altaroma

Rome Fashion Week 2023 | Fashion Highlights

Chilly wind and blue sky over ancient roofs signal January in Rome.

Rome is always home.Rome is the nest of humanity.

And Rome is getting back to its fashion excellence tradition of big maisons and the "propelling center of emerging Italian fashion" with its Fashion Week, Altaroma, cradle of the new Made in Italy.

Thanks to the repositioning carried out by Altaroma, the capital's Fashion Week has established itself as a forge of new talents and independent fashion, who find here expressive space and unique opportunities in a program full of shows, fashion talks and presentations.

And more, through the scouting for young talents who know-how focused projects and promotional showcases are dedicated in the three days event the Rome Fashion Week demonstrate how the future of Italian fashion is increasingly oriented towards sustainability, environmental consciousness and diversity issues.

Today, at the 34th edition, we again see as one of the main characteristics written in the DNA of Altaroma’s tribe is undoubtedly creativity, the search for beauty seen as an absolute value.

Italian fashion is recognized throughout the world as an expression of the excellence that parades on the catwalks during fashion events.

For the last day of shows we’re going to have former top model, muse and consultant Simonetta Gianfelici as our guest.

Day One: Altaroma Opens with CASA PRETI Show

On the notes of "La traviata" by Giuseppe Verdi, through the voice of Maria Callas, the iconic and unmistakable minimal and clerical lines of the clothes, which have always been a hallmark of the fashion house founded in 2017 by the Palermo tailor Mattia Piazza with the Swiss architect Steve Gallay, embrace again the entire collection, with a romantic whisper in colours, silk velvets ‘movements' and breezes recall images from the beginning of the last century perfectly comfortable even in technical and plastic fabrics such as neoprene.

The brand, whose name pays homage to the Caravaggesque artist of the Neapolitan school Mattia Preti, was inspired for this collection by the women of the designer's life.

On the catwalk, the fluid creations are transformed into "places to live in", in which the body finds its natural dimension, and take on specific names that characterize a well-defined personality: Paola, Concetta, Giovanna, and then Filippo, Fabrizio, Steve, memories of the past and projections, the figures turn on the spotlights on an ideal future in which the world, hopefully, will be better.

Casa Preti Opens Altaroma 2023

Mokoo | Altaroma 2023

Mokoo Signature Designs at Altaroma 2023

Rome is my Runway: Altaroma 2023

Four brands Showcase: Yekaterina Ivankova and GENTILE

Yekaterina Ivankova and GENTILE Stunning Designs at Altaroma 2023

Armoni Studio and Francesca Marchisio

Armoni Studio and Francesca Marchisio at Altaroma 2023

Altaroma in Detail

Each year representatives of Made in Italy are given important tools and promotional opportunities through dedicated projects: Fashion Hub, Who Is On Next? In collaboration with Vogue Italy, Showcase and Portfolio Review. Let's see them in detail.

Fashion Hub is a space designed for stylists from Fashion Academies, Fashion Institutes and Universities to which Altaroma makes available its know-how, a network of professionals and an important list of contacts, as well as a press office and a parade. Here they can present their collections to an audience of sector journalists.

Who Is On Next? is the scouting project in collaboration with Vogue Italia which has launched internationally renowned names over the years. In this space, new experimental approaches to design and craft traditions come together, and here too it is evident how fashion is increasingly attentive to issues such as gender fluidity, inclusion and sustainability seen as a necessity of our time. Emerging brands are given the important opportunity to exhibit their works in front of a jury of experts and the opportunity to find support to consolidate their names in the national and international market. The final of the Who is on Next? is one of the scheduled events of Rome Fashion Week.

Showcase is the project dedicated to Italian fashion brands that produce in our country and is reserved for young stylists and independent Made in Italy brands, an initiative made possible thanks to the support of the Ministry for Economic Development and the ICE Agency (Agency for promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies). Showcase is part of the Rome Fashion Week where, within the Altaroma Event, designers can present their collections of clothing and accessories to an audience of professionals to create commercial relationships and B2B contacts with national and international buyers. To date, the project has touched Rome and London, but plans to involve the main world fashion capitals shortly.

Finally, Portfolio Review is designed for fashion designers and illustrators who have developed sustainable fashion projects, but also for students of schools, universities and academies, and includes a day dedicated to reviewing their portfolio with the Deputy Editor of Vogue Italia and Head of Vogue Talents Sara Sozzani Maino and with the Fashion Consultant & Talent Scout, Head of Project of Who Is On Next? Altaroma Simonetta Gianfelici.

For information on Altaroma, visit here.


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