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Artist Management with Artistic Master Antonio Desiderio

Written by: Ekaterina Shevliakova

Journalist Ekaterina Shevliakova spoke with Antonio Desiderio who has made incredible contributions to the world of the arts. Inspired by his father who worked in an opera theatre, he grew up with a taste for musical performance. Subsequently, with the support of his father, he study piano. Thus, began his studies in classical piano and passion for the arts later transitioning from piano focus to the world of dance ballet. The discussion provides wonderful insight into how Desiderio began his career, the world renowned theatres he has worked with, and his experience working in artist management with famous artists like Giuseppe Picone, among others.

Desiderio discusses the importance of having a close working relationship with his artists and the bond that develops which is instrumental in the success of the final performance. The audience will sense if you have true passion for the work versus only in it for monetary gain, Desiderio indicated. He has not only worked in Europe and Asia but also in the United States, which was initially in New York with the Metropolitan Opera Theatre on two projects including the Aida opera. Subsequently, he continued work in the US with the International Festival of Ballet in Miami, Florida. Each year he brings Italians to Miami for the final gala at the international ballet festival. In March 2021, he was a special guest of honor at Dance Open America with other industry leaders like Julio Bocca, Viviana Durante, and Maximiliano Guerra. He hopes to repeat this wonderful experience in the next edition of Dance Open America. Of special mention, were the only two Italian choreographers invited to participate in the event, which were Kristian Celllini and Sabrina Bosco. These two talented choreographers represented Italy beautifully and made the country proud. The virtual event was a huge success and proved his theory that dance never stops, even during a pandemic. The love of dance continues. His upcoming projects include events in Italy, Spain, and Bulgaria once theatres and venues open again.


Antonio Desiderio was born in Rome. He studied piano and started working very young as accompanying pianist at major professional dance centers, perfecting then obtaining certificates in Academic Techniques at the Academy National Dance of Rome, Music in Relation to Dance and History and Styles of Dance at the Royal Academy of Dance. Simultaneously while continuing piano activities, he enrolled at the Tor Vergata University of Rome where he graduated in Law with his thesis on the public aspects of the reform of opera companies. He obtained a Master in artistic-musical management at the CEIDA in Rome with full marks and the Trinity College London certification in English and Business English. Since 2004, he has performed artist management for many international superstars in dance and opera and has organized prestigious dance galas and singing Master classes.

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