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Celebrating Altaroma 2023: Shows and Our Picks Day 2

By: Veronica Costanza Ward | Setchu - Model, Simonetta Gianfelici | Image: Altaroma

The annual fashion show called Altaroma takes place in Rome, Italy. The newest collections from both domestic and foreign labels are on display as part of this celebration of Italian fashion and culture. Attendees will get the chance to see the latest in Italian fashion, take in live performances by regional artists, and network with business leaders at this event. Emerging artists can use the as a platform to present their work to a wider audience. This event includes everything for everyone who like fashion and wants to experience the colorful Italian culture, from streetwear to couture. Day two of the event showcased amazing designs from Setchu (with special appearance by Simonetta Gianfelici), Saman Loira, Simone Missano, Dennj, and Annagiulia Firenze.

The Best Shows of The Day at Altaroma 2023

Setchu, established by a Japanese fashion designer located in Milan. His FW23 collection is inspired by the process of turning 2D into 3D. A 2D object can be manipulated and draped on the body to create a 3D garment. This simple process gives life to endless creations.

Setchu - Model, Simonetta Gianfelici


Saman Loira, a talent star of Altaroma, Saman Loira is ‘pret-à-couture’, is dreaming reality.

Purification and rebirth: these are the key words that define the "Imbolc" collection which, among embroideries, inlays, plissés and artisan-style manufactures, celebrates nature inspired by the pagan tradition, thus revealing what is hidden in the date shown in the brand logo.

Saman Loira

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This edition of Altaroma continues to solidify the catwalk's ability to propel Italian fashion talent, favored by the showcase they lead where we could get to know more than ninety different fashion and accessory brands, strengthening the synergy between Altaroma and its partner institutions and solidifying Rome as a hub of new Italian fashion. The event is clearly headed in the right path as it raises expectations among professionals in the field and niche reviewers. To find out what the future has to offer, we will have to wait for it, but in the meanwhile, we will enjoy the amazing talent and all the skills we have uncovered during the event. For visit,


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