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Celebrities William Baldwin and Tom Arnold Attend Bambino Gesù Foundation Christmas Charity Event

Hollywood Actors William Baldwin and Tom Arnold with Claudia Conte in Rome

Reporter: Ekaterina Shevliakova

Great emotions were on display at the Christmas charity event - With the Eyes of Children held on behalf of the Bambino Gesù Foundation. Organized by Claudia Conte (actress and cultural entrepreneur), the event took place on Monday, 13th December at The Building Hotel in Rome. Conte gathered many local and international VIP, as well as personalities from finance and industry for the Bambino Gesù Foundation event.

The charity event was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Rai for the social sector and carried out with the support of important Italian institutions and companies (Istituto per il Credito Sportivo, Nexi, BFF, ACEA, Poste Italiane, Anima, Banca del Fucino, Circolo Canottieri Aniene, AXA, Carmignac, Generali - Trieste, 20ventuno and SACE Agency).

There was great enthusiasm for Carlo Verdone, one of the premiere Italian actors, who has supported the organization by launching a donations app for the Bambino Gesù Foundation.

In attendance were Hollywood stars such as American actors Tom Arnold and William Baldwin, who are filming two movies in Rome, but took time out of their busy schedules to attend the important charity event. Arnold and Baldwin spoke to Cultured Focus on importance of charity and especially for children in difficult times.

Also present were Italian artists such as Lina Sastri, Mariano Rigillo, Anna Teresa Rossini and Pino Calabrese who are considered the backbone of Italian theater.

Other celebrities present for the evening were Barbara Bouchet, Elisabetta Pellini, Ingrid Muccitelli, Mauro Masi, Giulio and Victoria Torlonia, the Master Umberto Scipione and singer Annalisa Minetti who performed during the charity evening.

During the event, a charity auction took place featuring the stars of the current Italian national football team and with the participation of the actors Fabio Fulco, Massimiliano Bruno and Marcello Cirillo. To support the Bambino Gesù Foundation, great sportsmen such as the Olympic and Paralympic athletes Alessia Scortichini, Giorgia Consiglio, Francesca Rubeo and Ludovica Serafini and the former world champion footballer Simone Perrotta were in attendance.


The Bambino Gesù Foundation Onlus is a nonprofit organization oriented towards promoting and supporting the development of healthcare workers in the hospital to help minor, Italian and foreign patients.

The foundation, founded by the generosity of Santo Padre Giovanni Paolo II in 2000, also represents the operative structure of the hospital for the collection of funds and for the awareness campaigns to support important objectives. For more information, visit


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