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CEO of the Million Dollar Box Priscilla Jankans Talks Entrepeneurship

Jankans is a wife, mother, serial Entrepreneur, registered nurse and CEO of NurseproCEO! She is also the creator and CEO of The Million Dollar Box!

Priscilla has proven to build six and seven figure revenue off of her business strategies and ideas, and she is on the road to helping more people, especially women to achieve growth goals for themselves, through the BrandproCEO Academy. On social media and within the business structure, Priscilla helps clients perfect their model, gain more interaction and recognition, as well as produce more consistent and residual profit.

After spending more than a decade working as an ICU Registered Nurse and later a Nurse Executive, Priscilla found herself at a crossroads. While her bank account grew significantly, she felt unfulfilled of the joy and economic freedom she desired. With a masterplan, a strong belief in her God-given talents and a deep desire to be her own boss, Priscilla left her six-figure job. She sought expert help and support. Within seven months of taking the leap of faith, she successfully converted her part time side hustle into a full-time, lucrative business. Since then, she has built a million dollar personal improvement and business education empire.

She also prides herself in helping Nurses and health professionals expand their lanes and branch off into entrepreneurship! — This is what Priscilla was able to do for herself and she has built a blueprint and is teaching that process through NurseproCEO!

Priscilla Jankans is on a mission to motivate people to build a legacy that involves working smart & autonomously. Known as the "Go To" coach you need in your business. She is adept at identifying ways to turn influence & knowledge into profits. Whether on video blog or when she's dropping gems from the event stage, Priscilla champions the long-term payoff of intentionally pursuing purpose & passion.

Join her this Fall for workshops in Los Angeles and Atlanta to pick up some gems on running a small business.

As the CEO and Founder of NurseproCEO Priscilla specializes in business development training and strategic coaching for emerging entrepreneurs and established business owners. From stay at home parents to small business owners, her innovative resources help everyday entrepreneurs get richer in finances, relationships and health.

NurseproCEO offers insight into proven business strategies and principles that catapult barely surviving companies into thriving enterprises. Her firm assists entrepreneurs in legitimizing their businesses through 1:1, in depth consultations. She also provides unique and immersive programs that help business owners gain the confidence and clarity to build profitable ventures doing what they love.

Notable publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur & Yahoo! Finance have sought out Priscilla for her business expertise and consumer-friendly tips. She has an innate ability to connect with a variety of audiences. In addition, her videos of juggling business and family have gained popularity that resonante with diverse audiences.

As Seen On:

Forbes Entrepreneur

Yahoo! Finance

Parents Magazine

People Magazine

Voyage Magazine

For more information, visit her sites below:


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