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Cultured Focus Network Launches New OTT Streaming Service

Cultured Focus Magazine, the entertainment news magazine that provides the latest in arts and culture within United States and globally, today announced that it is launching the Cultured Focus Network, a new OTT/IPTV streaming service. With this move, Cultured Focus is expanding its sphere of influence, aiming to rejuvenate the soul, inspire and elevate. Originally launched in 2016, the magazine is renowned for celebrating and highlighting the beauty and diversity of cultures from around the world. “Everyone has heard the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. The network brings to life in vibrant visual form what would ordinarily be solely in print for magazine readers,” explained a spokesperson for Cultured Focus. “The network’s catalog includes a broad range of compelling and intriguing artistic homages, biographies, documentaries, stories of hope, and motion picture classics that are a ‘must see’.”

Establishing an “Over the Top” (OTT) television streaming service is a massive undertaking. To achieve its goals, the Cultured Focus creative team searched the world for the best in arts and culture to engage global audiences. For example, the aim of the network’s ‘Artist Spotlight’ initiative is to bring exposure to independent artists that may not ordinarily have the opportunity to showcase their talent on an international level. Artists can be emerging or established in their craft. Cultured Focus Network will showcase talent from a wide variety of backgrounds including arts, dance, music, performance, theatre, film and more.

Additionally, for brands that want to increase brand awareness and maximize exposure, there are a variety of commercial opportunities with the platform. OTT acts as the ideal funnel platform, because customers are already on internet devices. They can easily jump to the brand’s desired website to explore product or make purchases.

“I am truly proud of Cultured Focus’s ability to broaden its digital footprint offering global streaming services,” said Advisory Board Director Franklin Eugene. “Traditional media consumption is transitioning to online platforms. Cord-cutting is popular because customers now have the power to watch their favorite television shows and films when they want, and for however long they want, at a fraction of the cost of cable. Like with all significant next steps, we believe OTT content can fortify the company’s position as it pivots to the future.”

About Cultured Focus Magazine

Cultured Focus is an entertainment news magazine that provides the latest in arts and culture within United States and globally. Since its creation in 2016, the magazine has interviewed the best talent from around the world from A-list celebrities to business leaders and others making a positive impact. The publication is particularly proud of the diverse talented group of artists that have had international exposure on the platform. The magazine is a subsidiary of GR Multi-media productions.

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