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Daniel Diosdado's Highly Anticipated 'The Nomad' Film Premiere's in New York

KATRA kicks off its 12th year with the red carpet premiere of acclaimed international filmmaker Daniel Diosdado’s American debut feature “The Nomad”.
By: Kimberly Porter| 'The Nomad' New York Premiere| Image: Cultured Focus

The Nomad 's Theatrical Premiere at Regal Essex Crossing in Conjunction With Katra Films Thrilled the New York City

On February 22, 2023, The Nomad made its theatrical premiere in New York City. It marks director Daniel Diosdado’s first American feature, and the red carpet event kicked off the 12th year of the Katra Film Series. The Regal Essex Crossing Cinema played host, featuring a screening of the film as well as a Q&A with the filmmakers and stars.

Overview: The Nomad Film

The Nomad follows the story of Leah (Lauren Biazzo), a New York City reporter who finds her work lacking excitement. There is one story she’s covering that holds some grim fascination: a serial killer is targeting priests.

Leah’s life takes a turn when she notices a mysterious man (Dietrich Teschner) on the subway. Out of curiosity, she follows him, only to discover that he is the killer. As a reporter, she’s driven to cover the story and bring the truth to light. But as the daughter of an abusive father, she wonders if she can use this killer for her own purposes.

The film is a relentless thriller, taking viewers into a twisting, psychological journey that serves as a meditation on violence, faith, and the ramifications of both.

The Nomad marks the first time many American viewers will have a chance to see Diosdado’s award-winning work. It combines his visual flair and gripping storytelling, features which have landed it in the official selection for a range of film festivals.

Red Carpet Premiere: The Nomad

Red Carpet Gallery: The Nomad Film

Director Daniel Diosdado
Director Daniel Diosdado

About: Film Director Daniel Diosdado

Born in Madrid, Spain, Diosdado has made his own way in filmmaking. He began in Europe, where he garnered international acclaim for his work, including three Spanish feature films (Session, Queen of Tapas, and Este Amor Es De Otro Planeta). These and other pieces caught the attention of audiences across Europe, Latin America, and the US.

Off the success of these, Diosdado moved to New York City in 2013. Since founding Nomada Films in 2014, director Diosdado has been the vision behind a slew of award-winning video work across a range of forms, including music videos, documentaries, shorts, and more. His commercial work has included collaborations with major brand names like Banco Santander, Red Cross, Vodafone, and others.

In a way, The Nomad stands as a kind of manifesto for Diosdado and his Nomada Films team. It announces the team as leading creators of independent cinema — a company audiences will be keeping an eye on in the years to come.

The Nomad is now available to stream on demand at AppleTV, Prime Video, Google Play, Vudu, DirecTV, and Microsoft.


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