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Musician Davey La Takes Nashville by Storm

Meet Songwriter, Musician, Singer Davey La! The driven Songwriter moved from England to America to work on his music career and is now writing songs for Hollywood. He is the songwriter on a film called "Asbury Park" written and will be directed by Peter Dobson who is an actor, director, producer best known for the Oscar winning film" Forest Gump' and recently the voice of Arturo Roman on Netflix for the hit TV series "Money Heist". Davey has written two songs for the film. The producers are hoping to start shooting this Spring in Asbury Park NJ with Joe Pesci as the lead male role. The film "Asbury Park" has Music, Dancing, Rock & Roll, Fast Cars and Greasers! Davey La is very inspired by the film and wrote the song "Gloria" and another recent song called " King". The song "King" was produced as a Music Video this past September in California. The music was inspired by the love and passion that Peter Dobson, the director and writer, had for making the film. Peter Dobson invested his own money to produce and direct the music video "King". He hired Travis Payne to choreograph the music video. Payne is best known for his work with Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga. "King" is A Thunder Alley Production.

Shown in the video below "King" was written by Davey la, Produced by Peter Dobson and Melissa Prophet.

Please check out the music which is streaming across platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Songwhip and many others.

Davey La In His Own Words

I was born in 1971 at home in London, England. My father was a brilliant jazz drummer who had me playing by the time I was five. Both parents were huge music fans; Dad was Elton John and The Beatles, mum was Billie Holiday and Bob Marley. Music was always blaring from the speakers in our house, vinyl was everywhere. I still have my Dad’s old records.

When I was fifteen I started writing songs, so I put a band together, playing drums. We got asked to do our first show and I said yes even though we had no lead singer. As I was the songwriter and lyricist, it made sense for me to lead the band, so I stepped up to the mic and we played our first show. That was the start of it all.

In the mid-nineties, I received a full scholarship at a prestigious acting school in London’s swanky South Kensington district, but I was playing so many shows with my band that it was really hard for me to give 100% to school. So after a couple of non-speaking movie roles, I decided to go all in on the music and ditch the acting.

Around that time, I got offered a job managing a recording studio - talk about a musician’s dream job. I moved into the studio with my best friend and co-writer Ben Castle. By day we would book bands, clean the rehearsal rooms and play pinball, then at night learn how to make records in the studio. We had absolutely no engineer or producer experience so it took a while, but after a couple of years, we had a bunch of great songs and a sound of our own, and we formed Ambershades.

Ambershades hit the scene in the early 2000s and things got pretty crazy pretty quickly. From 2003 to 2005, we had two top ten indie hits, a hit album, single of the week in The New Musical Express (NME) and track of the week at BBC2. Everyone loved us from The NME to The Independent even Cosmo Girl thought we were great.

When the other band members joined megastar James Blunt’s band in 2005 for his world tour, I moved to New York City and signed with a small indie label called Moxie. I captured the heart of NYC and became an instant celebrity of the East Village. Every show I played sold out, with a line around the block.

From 2012 to 2017, I didn’t leave my studio. No live shows, no interviews, just writing, recording, singing and playing. I was a total hermit and I loved it. But then in October 2017, I got a call from my manager telling me about a new movie that Hollywood actor Peter Dobson was making, and she sent me the screenplay. I read the script - which I absolutely loved - and immediately wrote the song Gloria. I met up with Peter in LA one night and he spent hours telling me all about the movie and how long he’d been trying to get it made. He was at times hilarious (you could make a movie about trying to get this movie made) but what really hit home was how important this film was to him. He was just so passionate. That same night I went back to my hotel and wrote King for Peter. The following year, I arrived at a crossroads. I’d spent five years in my studio in Jersey, writing really great songs, but there was nothing going on for me in the North East. No scene. No vibe. No future. No fun. I needed to be surrounded by musicians and good vibes and creative energy. I needed inspiration on a daily basis. And there was only one place in the world that I wanted to be and that was Nashville. So in 2019, I arrived in Nashville, guitar in hand. I played the Bluebird Cafe before COVID hit, and I’ve already made more connections in twelve months that I did in years in the North East. 2021 is going to be the year for DAVEY LA!

To follow Davey, visit Instagram:

Credits :Publicity @Vickypresspr

Video credits: Director: Peter Dobson

Producer: Melissa Prophet

Songwriter and Performer: Davey La

Lead Role Actor: Joe Cortese Choreographer Travis Payne

Photo credit: Dana La


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