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Diversity in Cannes Announces 2023 Short Film Showcase Winners During 76th Cannes Film Festival

Yolonda Brinkley, creator of Diversity in Cannes
By: Karen Williams | Yolonda Brinkley, Creator of Diversity in Cannes | Image: Instagram

Diversity in Cannes Continues to Amplify Diverse Underrepresented Voices at Cannes Film Festival 2023

Yolonda Brinkley, creator of Diversity in Cannes, the independent film movement promoting inclusion at the Festival de Cannes, is pleased to announce Hand in Hand by Shelley Waddams of New Zealand and BIENVENIDOS A LOS ANGELES by American Filmmaker, Lisa Cole winners of the 2023 Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase.

“For the first time in history, we have announced two winning films for the Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase. Both films resonated with the jury and I am pleased to celebrate both Shelley and Lisa on this accomplishment,” comments Yolonda Brinkley.

Presented by Brinkley, with support from Julius Tennon and Academy Award Winner Viola Davis’ JuVee Productions, the Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase featured uniquely themed films, from America, Asia, New Zealand, Nigeria and points in between. The in-person screening, Monday, May 22, 2023, concurrent with the 76th Festival de Cannes, was the kick-off of a hybrid event, which will continue with an online screening the first week of June.

“We are excited about Yolonda Brinkley and the incredible work she is doing with Diversity in Cannes. As sponsors, we at JuVee, believe in amplifying the voices of underrepresented filmmakers and congratulate Shelley Addams and Lisa Cole, winners of the 2023 Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase, stated Julius Tennon, president JuVee Productions.

The grand prize winners receive prize packages complete with complimentary film festival submission, agent/manager meetings, mentorship sessions with production company and television executives, legal contract review, social media/PR strategy consultation, short film score consultation and a comprehensive list of global film initiatives.

Winners | Diversity in Cannes at Cannes Film Festival 2023

“Hand in Hand” by Shelley Waddams, New Zealand


Additional winners, entitled to bragging rights, include Best Actor, Actress, Director and Student Film Awards as follows:

Best Director

“Benny and James” by Logan Vaughn, USA

Best Documentary

“Blood of Iran” by Alicia Afslar, Iran/USA

“Aureo & Mirele” by Filipe Galvon, Brazil/France

Best Student Film

“Blackifier” by Christian Kamaal, USA

“Nino” by Kiara Mezzina, Australia

Best First Time Filmmaker

“3 Blind Mice” by Imani Nia Robinson, USA

“PAN” by Mariana Tavolaro Salek, Brazil/UK

Best Micro Short

“In the Fridge” by Sarah Shan Luo, Switzerland

Jury Award

“Employee of the Month” by Goga Clay, Nigeria

Screening Committee Award


Programming Committee Award

“Building Minds With Chess” by Ken Mask/Marshall Woodworth, USA

Festival Director's Award

“Self Help” by Michelle Ann, Rawiri Jobe, New Zealand

“At All Cost” by Jamaal Scott, USA

Best Actor

Tope Tedela “Employee of the Month” by Goga Clay, Nigeria

Ladislao Cardoza “Piedra Dura” by Rommel Villa, Bolivia

Best Actress

Christine Liao “Call for Cassie” by Jiwon Lee, Korea

Best Cast

“Choices" by Kameshia Wooten, USA

“Benny & James” by Logan Vaughn, USA

“Self Help” by Michelle Ann/Rawiri Jobe, New Zealand

Breakthrough Performance

Jess Singleton - AJ’s Story by Leon/Christina Richardson, USA

Best Writing

Grace Palmer/Kris Hermansson “Self Help” New Zealand

Best Editing

“Indigenous Resistance: Now and Then” by 'Wáats'asdiyei Joe Yates, USA

Best Cinematography

Robert Arnold “Benny & James” by Logan Vaughn, USA

Federico Cantini “Mundo” by Charles Whitcher, USA

Best Song

“Something Wicked” by Tesla Nix, Spain

Best Original Song

“The Bedroom” by Kara Hakanson, USA

Best Score

Max Di Carlo “Dear Eleanor” by Tina Chapman DaCosta, USA

Evan Ceaser "Rising Dawn” by Monique Morton Derouselle, USA

To enter the 2024 Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase visit Film Freeway. For interviews and sponsorship opportunities, email Diversity in Cannes. Follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for current information.


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