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Exclusive Interview with Jonas Bloquet: His Inspiration and Experience as Star of The Nun II

 Actor Jonas Bloquet on The Nun 2
Journalist: Nikoleta Morales | Actor Jonas Bloquet | Credits: Guillaume Plas

Belgium Actor Jonas Bloquet on Acting, Hit Film ‘The Nun II’ and His Inspiration

In an exclusive interview with actor Jonas Bloquet, known for his role in The Nun II, we delve into his acting journey and seek insight into his inspiration. When asked about his sources of inspiration for his acting career, Bloquet reveals that he draws inspiration from a variety of sources. He mentions studying the works of renowned actors and directors, observing people in everyday life, and immersing himself in different cultures and experiences. This diverse range of influences allows him to bring depth and authenticity to his performances.

As for aspiring young actors, Bloquet offers valuable advice based on his own experiences. He emphasizes the importance of having dreams and drawing inspiration from others, but to know yourself first and foremost craft. Learn more below from his interview with Journalist Nikoleta Morales.

Actor Jonas Bloquet| Finding Inspiration and The Nun II

1. What inspired you to become and actor?

I did my first film when I was 15 years old. I had no intention to become an actor, I didn’t even

think about it. It’s in a tennis club house that my mom found a casting call sheet seeking for a

young tennis player and asked me if I wanted to try out. I was more scared than thrilled to be

honest but when I got the part, I got crazy excited! So, I wouldn’t call an inspiration per say but

my mom, who found the audition, and my dad, who was my first tennis teacher, are the


2. What are some of your favorite roles so far and why?

I adored portraying Joseph II, co-emperor of Austria, in the series “Marie-Antoinette”. I think that I dig the period films and this one, being able to wear those amazing costumes and wigs made me feel totally different from myself and thus free to be someone else completely. I also loved playing Chaval, in “Germinal”, a French TV show. He’s a very physical character and I just love to approach my animalistic instinct. And of course, being Frenchie in “The Nun” franchise is truly a blast. It’s fun, it’s big, it’s Hollywood. I was a big fan of “The Conjuring” universe way before I got the part of Frenchie so when I got it, I just lost my mind!!!

The Nun 2 (Official Trailer)

3. How has the SGA actors strike affected you personally and professionally?

I’m not really up to date with the strike, I’m in Europe, far from it all. I don’t want to speak

about something I don’t deeply comprehend. I would say this: as we all know, the cinema and

audio-visual industry in general is evolving drastically with the new platforms and social networks and AI that it seems pretty fair for the screenwriters and actors and artists to protect themselves and to evolve accordingly.

4. What advice do you have for actors who want to make it in the business? I’d say it’s great to have inspirations, idols and dreams but to never compare yourself with

others. Know yourself, every inch of you, nourish it and be you, only you. But always with humility. Also, be well surrounded, this business is hard enough…

5. What is your dream role and why?

I have a lot of dream roles but one I always desired to do is the eponym role of “Peer Gynt”,

a play written by Henrik Ibsen that I’d love to adapt for cinema. He’s a young boy who wants to

conquer the world and never grow old. When his mom dies, he leaves everything behind trying to overcome his sadness but he never succeeds until he comes back home and find love. I

discovered this play when I was 18, I had just started my drama school and I got obsessed with it.

6. How do you help others as an actor?

I don’t think I truly helped anyone ever. I’m not gonna lie. I just hope that the movies I’m in and the performances I give make some people forget about their troubles for an hour or two. Make them laugh or wander… It’s a small thing but it’s a start.

7. How has your European upbringing helped shape who you are as an actor?

Europe is such a vast cultural platform. I consider myself lucky to have been born here. I even had the chance to study in a European school with students from all around Europe. I guess this background offered me a lot of different perspectives and connections with other cultures. In addition, everything you can absorb and learn as a human being will help you as an actor.

8. Where do your professional inspirations come from?

My parents weren’t cinephiles but when they watched something on French TV, it was mainly

rebroadcast of Hollywood movies. My mom also loved series as “24” and “Lost”, also

American. I grew up with big Hollywood films and when I gradually became a cinephile, I started

to watch Tarantino, Scorsese, Fincher, Spielberg, Cameron, Zemeckis… Brad Pitt, Leonardo

Dicaprio, Tom Hardy, Johnny Depp… and a lot more.

9. Anything you would like to say to your fans? To my fans out there, just a big thank you! I hope I’ll get to entertain you for many years to

come! It’s an immense pleasure and chance to do what I do and even more knowing that some

people enjoy it!

10. Where can your fans see more of you in the future? “What I’m about to say is really important. A film will be released in 2024. It’s a Belgian film.

It’s a first film from a young and very talented director named Michiel Blanchart. It’s called in

French “La Nuit Se Traîne” (which word for word means “the night lingers on”). There’s no

English title yet and it will be dynamite! It’s an action manhunt in the streets of Brussels during

the Black Lives Matter manifestations and I play a role I never played before. A destroyed violent punk who’s chasing and trying to kill a guy to save his own life. I promise you guys you won’t want to miss this film in theaters!!

Actor Jonas Bloquet | Credits: Guillaume Plas

In conclusion, Jonas Bloquet's journey as an actor serves as an inspiration for aspiring performers. His dedication to his craft combined with a diverse range of influences has contributed to his success in portraying memorable characters on screen. His advice serves as a guiding light for young actors seeking guidance on their own path towards success in the world of acting.

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