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FORTRESS: SNIPER’S EYE — Exclusive Interview with Actress Kelly Greyson on Fortress in Theatres Now

Kelly Greyson with Bruce Willis in Fortress
Kelly Greyson Stars with Bruce Willis in Fortress: Sniper's Eye

Reported by: Nikoleta Morales

Kelly Greyson stars in the cyber-thriller trilogy Fortress (as mysterious double agent, “Kate,”) alongside Bruce Willis, Jesse Metcalfe, and Chad Michael Murray with second installment, Fortress: Sniper's Eye, set to hit select theaters, digital platforms and VOD on April 29th.

Kelly Greyson Stars in Fortress: Sniper's Eye with Bruce Willis

Starring Bruce Willis, this action cyber-thriller continues the adventure begun in Fortress. Weeks after the deadly assault on Fortress Camp, Robert (Bruce Willis) makes a daring rescue to save Sasha, the widow of his old nemesis Balzary (Chad Michael Murray, “One Tree Hill”). But back in the camp’s command bunker, it appears Sasha may have devious plans of her own. As a new attack breaks out, Robert is confronted with a familiar face he thought he’d never see again. Fortress, released at the end of 2021, takes place at a high-end resort that is a cover for a secret military compound hiding compromised agents. In this dazzling action flick, Bruce Willis plays Robert, a retired CIA agent living at the top-secret “Fortress” in the jungle who faces a team of revenge seeking mercenaries.

Greyson, who does all her own stunts, represents a refreshing anomaly from the typical Hollywood starlet and her ability to impact, inspire and motivate goes far beyond the screen. Having overcome some significant challenges in her own life, Greyson holds a special place in her heart for the hurting and forgotten and spends a great deal of time helping those in need. Her charitable work includes the promotion and preservation of basic human rights, fighting human trafficking, caring for orphans, those with learning disabilities as well as various veterans causes. Greyson is currently in the process of launching a new nonprofit next year. Her devotion to physical fitness and health started at a young age. Greyson, being a bit of a “tomboy,” insisted that what the boys were doing she could do too, if not better. This included a host of activities including horseback-riding, scuba diving, swordplay, track & field, snow and water skiing, football, rock-climbing, and any other activity that attracted her ultra-competitive spirit.

View our exclusive interview with the acclaimed actress as she discusses her role, working with Bruce Willis and her humanitarian work.

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