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'Heartbeat' Short Film Premiere & Mental Health Panel Hosted by Marcus Paulk from the Show Moesha

Hosted by Marcus Paulk Hosts the Heartbeat Short Film Premiere Aiming to Make a Different for Those with Mental Health Struggles
By: Karen Williams| 'Heartbeat' Short Film Premiere & Mental Health Panel

Filmmaker Andre K. Jefferson held the “Heartbeat” Short Film Premiere and Mental Health Panel on Saturday, May 20th at Succulent Studios in the city of South Gate. The event was hosted by Marcus Paulk from the show Moesha as well as other shows like Red Tails, Roll Bounce, and Proud Family.

Mental health awareness and suicide prevention are essential topics that need to be addressed in order to ensure a healthy and safe society. Mental health is a complex issue that can affect anyone regardless of their age, gender, or background. The 'Heartbeat' Short Film Premiere and Mental Health Panel is an important event that aims to raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention. The film explores the struggles of those affected by mental illness, providing insight into the importance of mental health awareness. The premiere featured panel discussions with experts from the medical field who discussed how best to support those who are struggling with their mental health.

'Heartbeat' Short Film Premiere & Mental Health Panel

The film and event shined light on the complexity of mental health, the value of suicide prevention, and the power of second chances. Heartbeat is filled with messages of hope and survival while providing an inside look into the mind of a person’s mental health fight. Stepping out at the event were cast members Monica Davis, Quentari Walker, Conisha Wade, Tristian Bobo, and Ahmir K. Jefferson.

'Heartbeat' Short Film Premiere & Mental Health Panel (Image Gallery)

Community Supporters: Heartbeat Short Film Premiere

Event partners included The Los Angeles County Take Action for Mental Health, This is My Brave, KBLA 1580 AM Talk Radio, and African Communities Public Health Coalition.

For more on the 'Heartbeat' Short Film Premiere & Mental Health Panel, head over to for more details on where you can watch the short film.

About| Director Andre K. Jefferson

Andre K. Jefferson graduated from Xavier University of Louisiana, earning his bachelor's in Psychology- and has toured the U.S. in several stage plays. Andre is the author of the children's book "Big Kid Book" and the poetry book "A King's Son," which features poems he has written as an adolescent. He is the writer of the feature film, "Karter Hall," which has been nominated for best action film. He was a finalist in TCN monologue slam- among the 22 performers chosen from hundreds. Andre has been featured on the Disney Channel, Netflix, ABC, HULU, and Amazon Prime. He has performed at the Washington D.C Theatre Festival. His last feature film, "Brother's Keeper," is currently in distribution, while "Heartbeat," a short film about a woman's mental health battle, is set to premiere May 20th in Los Angeles. Andre K. Jefferson is an actor, director, writer, author, poet, producer, and advocate whose mission is to change the world- one production at a time.

For more information on the film, visit or follow him on Instagram.

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