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Highlights from Paris Modest Fashion Week 2024

Paris Modest Fashion Week 2024
Paris Modest Fashion Week 2024| Image: PMFW

Paris Modest Fashion Week 2024 Celebrates Modest Fashion Designers

On May 4-5th, 2024, we once again gathered in the world’s couture capital to celebrate Paris Modest Fashion Week (PMFW). This international celebration showcases the work of modest fashion designers from every continent, showcasing the innovative designs and diverse voices that make up this unique corner of the fashion world.

The Numbers

The third annual PMFW made major waves this year, producing big numbers for the organizers. Thirty brands from all over the world converged to attract more than 9,000 visitors and hundreds of renowned influencers.

The Film Premiere

Like any year, 2024 had its fair share of highlights. The standout was the premiere of the documentary film Resilience.

Produced by Modest Fashion France and co-produced by Samir Bouadla and Sabrina Parnanzone, the film tells the story of a group of women who serve as proud role models in our time. The documentary focuses on women who show the courage to persevere in our unprecedented modern world, matching the event’s overall values of inclusivity and, above all, empowerment.

Video: PMFW

The Historic Setting| Paris Modest Fashion Week 2024

Another highlight was the setting—the historic textile district Le Sentier. There is probably no venue better suited for the PMFW, situating the festivities in a vital area imbued with the long history of French fashion. The location served as a knitwear workshop for four decades and has now turned into a stunning stage for breakthrough designs, creating a connection between the past and the future.

But that sweeping story also takes on a poignantly personal tone for Modest Fashion France founder Sabrina Parnanzone. In a recent interview, she said, “This district represents my ultimate symbol of resilience. It's here where I honed my fashion expertise, working for various ready-to-wear brands over the years. Today, I am organizing an event in the very same place, featuring brands that resonate with me. My former bosses have now become my clients, defying those who once told me that I could never progress in the fashion industry while staying true to my values.”

Images: PMFW

The Mission

PMFW stands as a bulwark against a society that constantly makes demands on women to change rather than listening to women as they authentically express who they want to be. As Parnanzone puts it, “Since time immemorial, women have been constantly judged for their clothing choices—deemed either too much or too little. In today's context, they often struggle more than ever to make their voices heard to assert their rights... all while juggling their personal values with societal expectations that dictate what is considered appropriate attire, often labeling a simple loose dress as too 'religious.'”

Every year, this global festival of modest fashion reminds us that true freedom lies in choice and that true self-expression means welcoming a diversity of voices.

The modest fashion world is excited to once again descend on Paris for next year’s event as this growing sector continues to attract superstar designers and more buyers who feel confident to wear what they truly desire.


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