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Hillary Richmond Announces SURREAL FIT Magazine Launch In 2021

Richmond is the Editor In Chief/ Founder over SURREAL FIT Magazine.

Surreal FIT Magazine is a promotional magazine based out of Cookeville TN founded and owned by Hillary Richmond. We are predominantly centered on Fitness and Athletes. Our goal is to promote not only well-known fitness photographers and fit athletes but fitness men/women around the world to tell their story with the magazine. Surreal FIT was created to bring such talented fitness individuals together in one forum, where they can collaborate and initiate some of their best creative works. Along with a quickly growing and talented team, Surreal FIT has steadily risen to be a strong promoter of fitness photography from merging UFC Fighters, MMA and many more fitness artists with this magazine.

Artist Biography

Hillary Richmond is 29 years old. Originally from Nashville TN, modeling has always been her passion but after many publications with front covers and features with magazines , she slowly decided to be successful in another route that was possibly her calling. Hillary growing up was always in sports and always lived a healthy lifestyle. As she got older, she decided that fitness was a big deal to her and wanted to do more with it and to let the importance of health reach out to others who were starting out or even already in the fitness industry. She began to follow her passion and goals by being the Editor In Chief and Founder over SURREAL FIT Magazine in 2021. So far her fitness magazines have reached out to many MMA , UFC Fighters, IFBB Pros, WBFFPRO across the world who have published front covers with her magazine.

Follow her on Instagram at: @hillaryrichmond


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