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Istanbul Modest Fashion Week 2024: Runways Highlights

The 9th edition of the famous global series, Modest Fashion Weeks by Think Fashion, took place in Istanbul on the 25, 26, and 27th of April at the historical Fişekhane – Gallery. During those three days, Istanbul Modest Fashion Week 2024’s runways witnessed unforgettable fashion moments letting the whole world know once again that “Modesty is the new cool”. Designers from all around the world showcased their collections to the IMFW24 audience, creating a unique and inspiring fashion experience. Here are the highlights from Istanbul Modest Fashion Week 2024 runways!

Istanbul Modest Fashion Week 2024 kicked off with the Modest Fashion Weeks and Think Fashion CEO, Özlem Şahin Ertaş’s opening speech, wearing a stunning piece from the Turkish designer Hilal Oğuzkan’s collection. Ertaş became emotional after receiving flowers from her newborn son on stage, making the audience’s heart melt.

As for the fashion shows, Hilal Oğuzkan gave a start to the 2-day fashion show marathon with her opening show. The designer’s haute couture collection was dominated by embroidery, glitter, and unique silhouettes and quickly became an audience favorite.

Another haute couture label Sineen from Palestine was the guest of honor of the IMFW24 runways and showcased their “From Dust to Light Collection”. The collection consisted of modest evening gowns and bridal dresses. The colors of Palestine’s flag, green, red, black, and white were the prominent colors in Sineen’s designs as a symbol of peace and hope. As one of the most anticipated fashion shows of the event, Sineen, for sure, exceeded the audience’s expectations.

Sineen Haus of Akkoia

On the ready-to-wear side, Australian brand Haus of Akkoia showcased their timeless ready-to-wear collection named “Secret Garden”. The collection was pastel and botanical themed and each piece was made with sustainable materials like Tencel and luxurious silk. As the brand’s muse, social media content creator Fatma Husam walked on the runway for Akkoia, wearing a floral dress in pastel pink with lace details.

Along with the iconic designers, iconic talents of modest fashion Halima Aden and Rawdah Mohamed met at Istanbul Modest Fashion Week 2024 to celebrate inclusivity, showing their support for the modest fashion industry. Halima Aden walked on the runway for two brands, Marina and Buttonscarves, and Rawdah Mohamed walked for one, Imannoor, during the event. Along with their runway presence, they were in the audience watching the shows and both shared their story in separate talks.

Getting their inspiration from the city of Istanbul, the Turkish label Imannoor showcased their elegant and timeless pieces from their latest collection made with high-quality silks and cashmere. As their top model, Rawdah Mohamed was seen on the runway in a unique piece with contrasting colors and garnered all the attention from both live and social media audiences.

Marina Imannoor

On the other hand, another Turkish label Marina showcased their latest modest swimwear collection with Halima Aden on the runway as their top model. While Halima Aden wore a blue burkini and a kimono with prints, the collection in general was quite diversified, consisting of both colorful prints and solid designs. Considering the fact that Halima’s story started with a burkini in the first place, it’s safe to say that this was a special fashion moment for everyone.


Halima Aden made one last appearance as a top model on the IMFW24 runways for the Indonesian label Buttonscarves. Buttonscarves made headlines while closing the fashion spree with their striking haute couture collection and etched into the audience’s memories for sure.

Video courtesy: IMFW24

The collection was designed especially for Istanbul Modest Fashion Week 2024 and it was a true work of art. The spectacular collection featured a mix of neutral and vibrant colors with dramatic designs and bold silhouettes. Halima Aden wore a unique off-white piece from the label and graced the runway at the end of the show, officially concluding the fashion show program of the event.

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