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Iyanla Vanzant Offers Self-Care with New Line Of Masterpeace Luxury Bath Soaps

Iyanla Vanzant MasterPeace Body Therapy

Written by Tammy Reese

You may know Iyanla Vanzant as a New York Times bestselling author, star of the #1 rated OWN show, and three-time NAACP award-winning, Iyanla, Fix My Life, and premier African American spiritual teacher, writer, and speaker.

But Iyanla is also a master herbalist — a craft she learned from her Native American grandmother. It is this gift and knowledge that she relied on to create and launch, MasterPeace, her line of exquisite bath and body products — MasterPeace Body Therapy Luxury Bath Bars are the latest edition to the product line.

“MasterPeace Body Therapy is designed to cleanse the body, uplift the mind, and heal the spirit,” says Vanzant. Based on formulas developed by her daughter, Gemmia, and using natural ingredients free of harsh chemicals, the MasterPeace product line is crafted with love and intention by Iyanla. These products are an extension of her continued commitment to helping others do the work to heal emotionally and spiritually.

Grammy-Nominated singer Ledisi says “All of your (MasterPeace) products feel carefully chosen with the intention to renew and relax. It’s like having a spa on the road for someone like me who travels a lot. Thank you for this! There is true love in this.”

Reasons to learn more about Masterpeace Body Therapy by Iyanla Vanzant.

1.Inspired by Iyanla’s daughter Gemmia

Masterpeace Body Therapy is a line of products that was originally started by Iyanla's daughter Gemmia. From a young age, she was really drawn to scents and how they enhance your feeling. Iyanla couldn’t keep Gemmia out of her perfume when she was a baby. And then at 16, just on her own, she started studying essential oils. On Christmas Day 2003, Iyanla Vanzant lost her 30-year-old daughter Gemmia to a rare form of colon cancer.

2. You Want To Be a Part of A Movement

Beyond just the body products, Masterpeace is a movement. Iyanla teaches and shares with people how to master your energy and how to have peace. Iyanla says, if you don’t have peace of mind, if you don’t have peace in your heart, if you don’t have peace in your life, everything else is going to be chaotic. Iyanla recently has been moving the Masterpeace Body Therapy line, specifically the body wash, and the body butter.

3. You Need A Ritual

Having a ritual is a consistent way of doing something with a specific intention. Eating is a ritual, brushing your teeth is a ritual. How you set your table as well. Do you have a self-care ritual? Do you have a self-care ritual beyond your nails, your hair, your barber that you do for yourself? Imagine putting on a body butter, and instead of just slathering it on, you are affirming. Masterpeace products move you toward an experience and expression of peace intentionality in how you care for yourself. That’s the goal behind the Masterpeace products. Every single product comes with an affirmation and is intentionally made with the combination of herbs and oils.

Self-care message from Iyanla: Set Boundaries

Boundaries are the ultimate. Your greatest self-care tool is your, no, and it is the most difficult thing for people to master. They cannot master that No because we’re conditioned and programmed to be nice. Also to put everybody else’s needs above our own, and to make people comfortable in our presence. So boundaries are absolutely essential for self-care. But who teaches us how to set boundaries? We’re not even taught that we have a right to honor our own values. We’re taught to honor and what other people tell us we should value. We’re taught to honor what other people value. So boundaries are absolutely essential. They are the first step towards self-care.

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