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Justis Connection: The Largest Lawyer Referral Service Exclusively Promoting Black Lawyers

Connecting you to over 650 well-vetted Black lawyers in one

According to the American Bar Association’s 2020 report, less than 5% of lawyers in America are Black. With that said, it is typically difficult to find Black lawyers no matter the specialty. Kisha A. Brown, Esq., a 15-year attorney, solved this problem by launching, Justis Connection, a legal tech startup that offers access to an online database of over 650 hand-picked and fully vetted Black lawyers. With history proving that Black people are not always fairly tried by non-Black lawyers and judges, it is essential that the Black community has representation that can connect with them through shared experiences. Justis Connection bridges the gap between Black communities and their pathway to justice.

As an attorney, Ms. Brown often needed to connect clients to lawyers who can meet their specific needs. After a multitude of requests for lawyers and days of unsuccessful research, she realized that there was a disconnect between access to trusted lawyers and the people who need them. After a long search for a platform that supported this need, Kisha created it herself.

Through Justis Connection, Ms. Brown not only provides the community direct access to trusted Black lawyers, she also aids in the growth of these lawyers by promoting them beyond the platform and providing custom marketing support.

Cultured Focus Magazine met with Brown to discuss her inspiration for creating the legal referral network, the community impact, and her long term goals for her company. View our full informative discussion with her below.

“If we want to increase access to justice in this country, we have to acknowledge that Black people in America have a very unique disposition when it comes to the law, the legal system and the attainment of justice.” Ms. Brown says, “In the wake of everything we endured as a country in 2020, I am honored to be at the helm of the largest Black-owned legal tech startup devoted to educating and empowering people in the law and connecting Black lawyers to new clients.”

By submitting one simple form, clients are directly connected with strategically selected Black lawyers who best meet their needs.

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