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Kerry Washington and Nicole Avant Headline at Tribeca Festival 2024: Discussion Legacy and Impact in Storytelling

Expressions of Black Freedom for Women, Black & African American Diaspora Stories

Award-winning actor, producer, and New York Times Bestselling author Kerry Washington, and award-winning producer, bestselling author, and former US Ambassador Nicole Avant took center stage at Tribeca Festival (Spring Studios) on June 8th 2024 to discuss how we tell stories to continue legacies and impact our communities. The conversation explored the anticipated return of Unprisoned, documentaries like Daughters and The Black Godfather, both speakers' debut memoirs Thicker Than Water and Think You’ll Be Happy, and the upcoming Tyler Perry film Six Triple Eight, which Avant produces and Washington stars in and executive produces.

When it comes to amplifying the voices and experiences of the Black diaspora, Kerry Washington and Nicole Avant are trailblazers. Their unwavering commitment to authentic storytelling has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry and beyond. Kerry Washington's tour de force performances have shattered stereotypes and challenged societal norms. From her groundbreaking role as Olivia Pope in "Scandal" to her recent portrayal of Mira Killian in "UnPrisoned," she has consistently brought nuanced and multidimensional Black characters to life. Her work has not only entertained but also sparked crucial conversations about race, identity, and representation.

Nicole Avant's impact as a producer and advocate for diverse storytelling cannot be overstated. Through her production company, Avant has championed projects that uplift marginalized voices and shed light on the richness of the Black experience. From the critically acclaimed "The Black Godfather" to the upcoming biopic on Sammy Davis Jr., her projects have resonated with audiences worldwide, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for Black culture.

Together, Washington and Avant have defied conventions and paved the way for a more inclusive and authentic portrayal of the Black experience on screen. Their unwavering dedication to their craft and their commitment to amplifying underrepresented stories have inspired a new generation of storytellers to fearlessly embrace their truth.

Video Courtesy: Tribeca Festival

As we celebrate the legacy and impact of these two powerhouses, we are reminded of the transformative power of storytelling. Through their work, Washington and Avant have not only entertained but also educated, empowered, and uplifted communities that have long been marginalized. Their stories are a testament to the resilience, strength, and beauty of the Black diaspora, and their impact will resonate for generations to come.

Kerry Washington and Nicole Avant at Tribeca Festival
Nicole Avant (L) and Kerry Washington (R)| Image: Getty

Kerry Washington at Tribeca 2024

Kerry Washington is an Emmy-winning, SAG, Golden Globe-nominated actor, NYT best-selling author, director, producer, and activist. Washington received widespread recognition for portraying Olivia Pope on ABC’s drama Scandal. In 2016, Washington launched her production company Simpson Street, whose projects include Netflix’s American Son, the Emmy award-winning ABC special, Live in Front of a Studio Audience, The Fight, and Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere, Reasonable Doubt, and most recently, UnPrisoned.

Nicole Avant at Tribeca 2024

Author, producer and former Ambassador to the Bahamas Nicole Avant was nominated by President Barack Obama and unanimously confirmed by The U.S. Senate to serve as the 13th U.S. Ambassador to The Bahamas. On September 9, 2009, she was sworn in by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton becoming the youngest as well as the first African American woman to hold the position. Avant's successes in The Bahamas earned her a State Department nomination for the Sue M. Cobb Award for Exemplary Diplomatic Service.

Avant is the producer of the critically acclaimed documentary The Black Godfather. Released in 2019, the film was recognized by The Board of Review as one of the top 5 documentaries of the year and went on to be honored by several critics organizations and award bodies. Currently, Avant is a producer of the upcoming Tyler Perry film Six Triple Eight.


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